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This guide will lead you through the process of downloading, installing, and setting up Endnote on your computer.


Preferences – Select “Edit” from the menu bar and then click on “Preferences.”

This will allow you to set how you will use EndNote and what you will see during your sessions.


Libraries – There are several choices for how you will manage your libraries.

From the pulldown, you can select which library(ies) you want EndNote to display on startup.

You can add and remove libraries from the startup list.

You can also have EndNote display the name of the active library in the top bar of the window.


Display Fields – By selecting Display Fields from the list in the Preferences window, you can set the fields that you want to see when you are working in EndNote.

Just click on the pulldowns to select which fields you want to display in each of the eight columns.

You can adjust the width of each column by clicking, holding, and dragging on the break between the fields.

You can quickly sort your citations by clicking on the name at the top of a field.


Duplicates – As you add citations to your library, you may end up adding the same citation through similar searches.

 This allows you to decide which fields EndNote will use to determine if a citation is a duplicate.

Remember that different databases may have variations of the same citation, making it important that you identify these items quickly to edit or delete them.


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