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This guide is a starting point for research in the University Libraries. It provides a selective list of print and electronic resources available for all aspects of Theatre study-scholarly as well as performance, production and design.

Current Reviews

Find Theatre Reviews in LexisNexis

Search LexisNexis Academic Universe for exhibition, movie etc. reviews.

  • For most searches, select the GENERAL (default) option in the red task bar (for reviews and feature articles).
  • For most searches, the Easy Search option (the default) is sufficient; the Power Search option requires more complex search formatting, but also allows more powerful drilling down to specific newspapers or other sources.

     Tips for formatting searches in Easy Search:

    •  Use key terms from the title of the exhibition and the museum holding the exhibition.
    •  "And" is always assumed between search words (mozart manuscript = mozart AND manuscript.
    • Use quotation marks around phrases ("barcelona and modernity"; "boston symphony").
    • If you know the name of the exact source you want to search, include its name in quotes in the search box ("new york times"; "washington post".
    • For "Search Within", use the default "Major U.S. and World Publications".
    • To see the publications searched, click on the "i".
    • The default date range is two years; click the drop-down box for narrower or wider ranges.
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