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This guide is a starting point for research in the University Libraries. It provides a selective list of print and electronic resources available for all aspects of Theatre study-scholarly as well as performance, production and design.

Browse the stacks

You can also browse the stacks to find scores and librettos, which are shelved alphabetically by title in the following sections:

  • Scores for stage musicals (complete work): M1500-1504
  • Scores for film musicals (complete work): M1527
  • Librettos for stage musicals: ML48-50
  • Librettos for film musicals: ML 52

See the box below at right which outlines the entire printed music scores section.

Search the Catalog

***Please note: As of August 2010 there is a new default library catalog interface for the USD catalog which is linked from the Library homepage. Results will show various items including books, sheet music, and audio recordings. Icons at the top of the page and to the left of each item will identify format. Clicking on one of the titles will bring up further detailed information on the item.You can still use the classic interface pictured below to search for local holdings.

See the screen shots below which illustrate several of the collection and format limiters to try for Theatre items.

  • To find scores, in the library catalog, set the Collection menu to Main Collection Books/Scores and do a search using the last name of the composer, set the limit to Author, and the name of the musical or song you are looking for, and set the limit to title.
  • To find librettos in the library catalog, set the Collection menu to Main Collection Books/Scores and do a search for the name of the show on the first line in the search, and the word libretto on the second line
  • To find video, audio, or other media such as LPs you can search by Collection and set it to Audio Recordings, or DVD/Video.  You can also use the Format limiter and choose Sound Recordings or Video.


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