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This guide will lead you through the process of downloading, installing, and setting up Endnote on your computer.
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Attaching files


Set up the PDF Auto Import folder in EndNote

1. Create a new folder on desktop
2. In EndNote, go to Edit>Preferences
3. Select 
PDF Handling and Enable automatic importing


Importing PDFs from a folder on your computer into your EndNote

1. In the EndNote toolbar at the top, go to File>Import>Folder

2. Select "Choose" to locate the folder on your computer. Select the "Import" button.

3. PDF files are imported into EndNote Library. Citation data is added if it could be located. To add citation data, click on an entry and use the Reference tab under the citation.

Watch the video below which demostrates this process.


Find Full Text

  • What is Find Full Text?
    • EndNote uses data stored in your references to search the Web for the corresponding full text file as a PDF or URL.  Once found, the file is automatically downloaded and attached to the appropriate reference.

It is possible to have EndNote retrieve PDFs of your references, if they are available in USD's databases. 

(Note: it is preferable to save PDFs to a folder and then upload using the process in the "Attaching Files" video at left on this page. Also see the videos for Importing PDFs from your desktop, and setting an auto import PDF folder at left.)

1. In the EndNote program, choose Edit > Preferences. Click "Find Full Text" on the left pane, and add the following information:

  • Copy and paste the following text into the appropriate field:
    • OpenURL Path:
    • Authenticate with:
  • Verify that the information in the dialog box matches the box picture below.
  • Click the Apply button.  Then, click OK.

2. In EndNote, right-click on the title of the reference to which you wish to attach a PDF, and choose "find full text > Authenticate," and this window will pop up; add your USD login information and click: "Go to database":

3. This window will open; just click "done" in the lower right:

4. Once again, right-click on the title of the article, and choose "FindFfull Text" > "Find Full Text."

The program will search USD's databases for a PDF of that article (doesn't seem to work with JSTOR). 

If the PDF is found, the "ticker" in the lower right pane will indicate that, and the PDF will "magically" appear in the lower pane:


Working with PDFs

  • In EndNote, you can open and annotate a PDF file using the PDF Viewer Panel.
  • Opening the PDF Viewer Panel
    • Double click on a reference with an attached PDF file (indicated by the presence of a paperclip symbol).  This will open the reference window.  
    • Click on the PDF tab above the toolbar.  The PDF Viewer Panel will open.
  • Using the PDF Viewer Panel
    • The toolbar at the top of the PDF Viewer Panel has several options that allow you to add notes, highlight text and find words and phrases within the PDF document.  
    • Hover your cursor over an icon to view text explaining its function.
  • Add Notes
    • Use your cursor to highlight the text in the PDF document where you wish to add a note.
    • Click on the Sticky Note button in the toolbar at the top of the PDF Viewer Panel.  A Sticky Note icon will appear next to the highlighted text.
    • Double-click on the Sticky Note icon to display a text box.  Type your notes in the text box.
    • Click the Save PDF button in the toolbar to save your changes.
    • To delete a note, click on the Sticky Note that you wish to remove and press the Delete button on your keyboard.
    • Note: You cannot move notes within a PDF document.
  • Highlight Text
    • Use your cursor to highlight the text in the PDF document that you wish to highlight.
    • Click on the Highlight Text button in the toolbar at the top of the PDF Viewer Panel.  The selected text will be highlighted in yellow.
    • Click the Save PDF button in the toolbar to save your changes.
  • Using the Find Feature
    • Enter words or phrases in the search box in the toolbar at the top of the PDF Viewer Panel.  The Find feature searches within the PDF document that is currently open.
    • Click on the Next and Previous buttons to navigate to the next or previous instance of your search word or phrase.

PDF Viewer Panel

PDF Viewer Panel


Linking to PDFs

Link to PDFs

When linking to PDFs or other file types, you can either choose to link out to that file or to insert a copy of the file within your EndNote Library Data/PDF folder. Linking out would oblige you to copy all related files when moving your EndNote library to another computer. Inserting a copy of the file within EndNote means that all linked PDFs travel with your EndNote library when the library and associated Data folder are moved from computer to computer.

Setting File Attachment preferences

  1. Click Edit, then click Preferences.
  2. Click URLS & Links on the left menu.
  3. Check Copy new file attachments to the default file attachment folder and create a relative link if you wish to insert a copy of the file within your EndNote Library Data/PDF folder.

Linking a File to the File Attachment Field

  1. Select a reference in the Library window or open the reference.
  2. From the References menu, choose File Attachment, then clickAttach File.
  3. Select a file to link to the selected (or open) reference. 
    Note the check box along the bottom of the window labeled Copy this file to the default file attachment folder and create a relative link. This gives you the option to:
    • Select the check box to copy the original PDF file and place the copy in the Data\PDF folder that is part of your EndNote library, or
    • Deselect the check box to always have EndNote look in the original location for the inserted file.
  4. Click Open.

EndNote will display an icon indicating the type of file inserted. You can insert approximately 45 files into the same File Attachments field.

Alternatively, drag and drop the file onto the reference in either the Library window or the Reference window. Whether the file is saved with the database or is linked with an absolute path is determined by the file attachment preference setting.


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