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Latin Resources

This guide provides resources to learners of Latin language and literature.

Welcome to Latin Resources

Welcome to the Latin Resources Guide!  This guide will provide you with online and print resources to support your learning of Latin.  Language study promotes intellectual development, multicultural awareness, and intercultural mobility.  Language exists because we need to communicate to achieve our goals and to create and maintain relationships.  Consider making use of the social networking sites listed in this Guide to further your language development by communicating with other learners in Latin!  Maybe it's not such a "dead" language after all.



Why learn Latin?

Since you're visiting this page, you're probably a student of Latin and already think it's an important language to learn.  Here are several very good reasons to study Latin:

  • The mean SAT scores of students of Latin are higher than those of students studying other foreign languages.  (Students who study foreign languages have higher SAT scores than those who don't learn languages.)
  • Since 60% of English is derived from Latin or French (a "daughter" of Latin), learning Latin develops learners' English vocabulary.  (90% of English words longer than two syllables comes from Latin.)
  • Latin provides a good foundation for the learning of other languages.
  • Learning to read Latin sharpens and disciplines the mind.
  • The culture of Latin is linked to that of fifty-seven countries on four continents, including our own American culture.
  • Acquaintance with ancient cultures teaches us the history of our own culture and encourages tolerance and understanding of other cultures.

(Ginny Lindzey. "Why Study Latin?"

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