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LibGuides on Steroids

This is my SDLA Conference presentation, "LibGuides on Steroids: Expanding the User Base of LibGuides to Support Library Instruction and Justify Workload." Enjoy!

LibGuides on Steroids

Introduction & Objectives

This presentation examines ways to extend LibGuides beyond their current use as subject guides that supplement classroom and reference-desk instruction.  LibGuides can also function to support/scaffold information-literacy instruction. Their structure allows use as an instructional script and the inclusion of supplementary materials (problem-solving scenarios, grading rubrics, IL standards, etc.) to promote quality and consistency in library instruction.

As a result of this presentation, participants will be able to...

  • integrate LibGuides into library instruction in order to support student learning beyond one-shot BI/IL sessions.
  • identify additional instructional uses of LibGuides in order to increase their user base and thus their use in academic libraries.
  • develop new functions for LibGuides within library instruction in order to justify the workload of creating and maintaining LibGuides.

Presentation Slideshow

The slideshow for this presentation is available at:

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