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STEM: Welcome Home!

Digital Resources Exploration for the 2015 SDSL Boot Camp

Getting Started

Welcome! This guide was originally created for the July 19-22 2015 SDSL Boot Camp.  

Brought to you by your instructors, Danielle and Jane!

Boot Camp

Boot Camp 2015 Goals

This course is an introduction to a wide variety of library activities for school and public libraries that will incorporate collaboration with teachers, implementation of Common Core state standards and social media.

More information is found at the Bootcamp 2015 wiki.

Class Session - (and using this guide)

This guide is designed to better help you understand and explore STEM digital resources, both in the library and at home. The information in this guide has been broken down by age range as a guideline, but feel free to explore all the tabs, as resources are often able to be modified to suit all age ranges. 

What's STEM?: A quick overview of what STEM is and why it matters.

Tips & Tools: Interactive teaching methods and links to multi-media tools. 

Early Childhood STEM: Includes links to the basics of STEM instruction and activities for the youngest set. This page is best suited for those working with children age 5 and under.

Kids STEM: Resources and activities for exploring science, math, engineering and technology for ages 5-12. Includes some science experiments that may be of interest to all ages.

Teen STEM: Digging deeper into STEM, this page features experiments and projects for ages 13-18.

Community STEM: Learning doesn't stop once you're an adult! Look here for STEM resources and information aimed at an older audience, as well as tips and tricks for exploring STEM with the whole family.

Test drive a few of the tools described in this session.  Share your responses to using these tools.  How might you use these in practice? Which would be useful to introduce to teachers? Which would be useful for student researchers?

Need Help? ASK!

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Jane Healy
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