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Free Resources During COVID-19 Disruptions

A list of free resources offered by publishers to ease the transition to remote instruction.

Educational & Distance Learning Platforms

Educational & Distance Learning Platforms


Online learning resources and open access to Gale in Context content.

IEEE Xplore

To help your university with its immediate transition to distance learning, IEEE is now offering free 60-day access to our library of eLearning courses for a limited time. Explore the courses available and experience first-hand how the content can help you support your students.

Contact me today to start your access.

Leslee Zipper




  • guide to distance learning and why
  • we’re providing schools affected by the coronavirus with free access to Kahoot! Premium for the remaining months of the academic year.  With Kahoot! Premium, educators can use advanced question types, collaborate with colleagues, and access in-depth reports, which can be used for formative assessment. To request access to Kahoot! Premium, reply to this email with the number of educators at your school, and we’ll get you set up.


Contact: or

Description: Kapwing is an online video, GIF, and image editor designed to be simple, accessible, and collaborative. Teachers can edit video lessons, set up a multimedia workspace for projects in their classroom, and give their students creative assignments to do at home. For the next month, Kapwing is giving free Kapwing Pro licenses to any educator whose school is affected by the covid-19 crisis.

Kapwing is a collaborative online image and video editor with a cloud storage Workspace. It’s an excellent tool for teachers who are making video lessons to send to students for remote learning, for students working together on a group project, or a classroom looking for a digital space to share multimedia projects with each other.

We’re giving away Kapwing Pro to educators whose schools are affected by the CoVid-19 closures. Teachers can sign up here.

Lumen Open Education Resources / Courseware


Lumen courseware is designed to help at-risk students succeed in digital environments, and we want to make our learning tools and team readily available wherever we may be helpful. We’re taking the following steps to help institutions resolve problems and get students through this term successfully.

  1. Live classes may shift to Lumen Waymaker or OHM courseware at no cost for the remainder of the term. For faculty members seeking a well-designed digital alternative or supplement to their current textbook, Lumen courseware may be a good fit. Course set-up is simple, and faculty can be ready to teach the same day they make the change. We also provide free services to support a successful transition. Learn More. 
  2. To support professional development, we’re introducing a series of short videos about effective digital teaching and learning using Lumen courseware. We’ll begin sharing them later this week on Lumen’s blog.
  3. Lumen’s outstanding Support Team is available to assist with any needs. Reach out with support needs and general questions, including help for instructional designers, LMS administrators and others working with faculty to switch modalities using our courseware. Send a message to or schedule an Office Hours appointment for live virtual support.
  4. Lumen Community Slack can connect you with the Lumen Team, as well as faculty using Lumen courseware and other members of our community. Use this form to request an invitation to this collaboration tool.

Macmillan Learning


If your school is transitioning from in-person to online classes b/c #COVID19 we're here for you. Our #edtech tools - LaunchPad, Sapling, FlipIt, iClicker & Lab Sims - are free this semester until July 1 for impacted customers using our print books. Contact your rep for details.


we are making our core digital learning platforms, McGraw-Hill Connect and ALEKS, available for free to any student and instructor who needs it for the remainder of this Spring 2020 term


Odigia stands ready to assist the higher education community with the transition to online learning by offering complementary access to those campuses that are in immediate need.



free premium educator plans for 90 days.

WILEY “online learning solutions”

For the Education Community:

Beginning today, instructors without an adopted online learning solution, such as WileyPLUS, Knewton Alta or zyBooks, can receive free access for their students for the remainder of the Spring 2020 term. Instructors teaching at impacted institutions can request access to WileyPLUS or Knewton Alta here; instructors looking for zyBooks access can apply here. For current WileyPLUS and Knewton Alta instructors, Customer Success Specialists are equipped to provide additional support, including extension of due dates, adjusting assignments or increasing the capacity to work remotely. 

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