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Free Resources During COVID-19 Disruptions

A list of free resources offered by publishers to ease the transition to remote instruction.

Journal Platforms and Publishers


Annual Reviews (journals)

Contact: Andrea Lopez <>

Annual Reviews removes access control in response to COVID-19 pandemic

To assist the many students, faculty, and researchers who are working and studying remotely

during the COVID-19 pandemic, effective today, we have made our journals available to all,

without access control, through Thursday April 30, 2020. On that date, we will assess the need

to extend this policy.


To access Annual Reviews, follow this link. 

BCC Market Research Library 

The BCC Research library covers 25 categories:

  • Life Sciences: Medical Devices/Surgical, Cell Bio, Pharmaceuticals, Health Maintenance
  • Environment and Sustainability: Water Membrane/Separations, Fuel Cell/Battery, Energy, Manufacturing, Food, Environment
  • Materials: Advanced Materials, Chemicals, Plastics, Nanotechnology, Semiconductor
  • Commerce: Finance, Consumer, Startup, Venture Capital, IT, Franchise
  • Sensors: Engineering, Photonics, Safety/Security, Instrument


From the site:

"This page highlights content relating to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the various related activities that Cochrane is undertaking in response. We have been amazed and humbled by the staggering response from our Community across the world who have contributed and engaged with our efforts to date"

Find more information here: 

JSTOR (journals and books)


First, we are expediting the release of a new set of 26 journal archives in Public Health, making them openly accessible through June 30, 2020.

We also have an expanded set of content that is available to institutions where students have been displaced due to COVID-19 through June 30, 2020. If your institution would like to take advantage of any of the following, please contact JSTOR Support.

  • For participating academic institutions that currently license some, but not all, JSTOR Archive and Primary Source collections, we will turn on access to all unlicensed collections at no cost.
  • For public libraries that have closed their physical branches, we may be able to work with you to enable remote access.
  • We are working with publishers to make more than 20,000 books available at no charge for JSTOR participating academic institutions and secondary schools that do not participate in our books program. The number of books available through this effort is growing daily as more publishers opt in.

Email to librarians 3/23:

We at would like to extend our hand in these trying times.  We understand many institutions are closing their doors to the public for health and preventative reasons.  We would love to help by offering your staff & patrons free access to our 300 million page newspaper collection from the comfort of their own homes.  This is a unique feature about our database - remote access to our site using a referring URL.

We would also like to offer free remote access to all other libraries who are not currently a part of our community. If you happen to know of any other libraries or institutions that could benefit from our services during these solemn times, we would be happy to extend free access to them during this global pandemic.

In order to obtain remote access, we will need either a referring URL, or an EZProxy IP address. If you are interested in setting this up, please let us know by responding to this email.  

Contact: Micaela Coleman <>


Many content providers have offered free access to e-content collections to help you maintain online services during the COVID-19 crisis. OCLC is actively partnering with global content providers to ensure access to these valuable resources through OCLC cataloging, discovery, and resource sharing services.

Content providers are using a variety of models to open access to different types of content, including no-charge access to existing collections and special collections of information relevant to the current pandemic.

In many cases, existing collections in the WorldCat knowledge base already contain the content newly available at no charge during this crisis. In other cases, we will work with a content partner to create needed knowledge base collections that can be configured for MARC record delivery or access through services such as WorldCat Discovery,, WorldShare Interlibrary Loan, Tipasa, and ILLiad.

OCLC is maintaining a growing list of this freely available content at which includes recommended options to access through OCLC services. We will continue to update this list as new information becomes available, so please be sure to bookmark this link and check back often.   


Paratext is offering free access to both their United States Documents Masterfile and Eight Centuries until the end of June.  Both are research databases of interest to academic and public libraries.  For further information contact the president of Paratext, Eric Calaluca (

Publishers Weekly


Effective today, I am pleased to offer free access to Publishers Weekly’s assets.

We will make the digital magazine available to everyone regardless of whether you subscribe starting with the current issue (March 16, 2020).

Everyone can now access the digital edition of PW from or from the PW app on iOS and Android.

University of California Press Journals

  • The Public  Historian, published by the University of California Press, is now available freely online through June 2020, along with other UC Press journal contents due to the covid-19 crisis (see news release).


To access this through the university, follow this link

University of Chicago Press Journals

Adding online access for campuses with print-only subscriptions.  3/25 email:

Electronic access to print-only journal subscriptions

We are enabling electronic access to print-only journal subscriptions to help institutions transition to remote coursework. If your library has a print-only subscription to one of our journals and you notice you do not have electronic access by April 1, please email to set up access.

Delivery of print editions

Due to supply chain disruptions, customers may see delays in delivery of print editions. We are making every effort to ensure that delivery will be made. If your institution is unable to receive mail, please email us as soon as possible at We will hold your issues until you can receive mail.

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