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APA Citation Style Tutorial: Assessments


We've been having issues with the software that automatically generates the certificates. If you've taken the quizzes and passed, but haven't received a certificate, email Timmi Johnson at


Update: The app that automatically generates certificates is down. Once you fill out the Google Form, please send the confirmation that you've filled it out to Timmi Johnson at


You will be taking a Qualtrics quiz to assess how you've grasped the content.

Quiz 1A will cover recognizing peer-reviewed sources, writing numbers in APA, using personal pronouns, posing questions, acronyms, and proper capitalization. 

Quiz 1B will cover verb tense, paraphrasing, run-on sentences, active vs. passive voice, and sentence fragments

To pass the first quiz, you must get a 15/15. If you do not get this score, you can retake the quiz until you pass.

Once you've passed Quiz 1A, you should be directed to a Google document with the link to Quiz 1B. Once you pass that with a 100%, you will get an email with a link to a Google Form. After you fill this out, you should receive a certificate of completion. Finally, once this certificate arrives (make sure to check your junk mail if it doesn't show up in your inbox) submit it to your course's dropbox in d2l. 

Quiz 1A


Quiz 1B

You should be brought to a document with the link once you pass Quiz 1A

Quiz 1C

**If you already took quizzes 1A and 1B last semester, we have a separate quiz for you, quiz 1C**


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