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Bound & Unbound IV

The 2017 Bound and Unbound IV international juried altered book exhibition artists.

Artist Statement


I revolve around concepts as repetition, transformation, eternity, presence, the moment and the now - as well as life cycles (life, death, resurrection) and the relationship between cosmos and earth.

My material is very often nature materials as well as recycled stuff from the street, the garbage bin, the secondhand shop or the basement of my grandfather's house, stuff that I edit and put in new contexts.

I always try to see and convey the beauty of everyday life, repetition, life in decay, even the beauty in the ugliness. I record, map and document the fleeting, impermanent, imperfect moments, the reality where I live.

Another significant element is language that I use visually by inserting letters, words, word pictures, and sentences and playing with text as a graphic element, but also with attention on content and meaning of the words. Literally, what is the writing on the wall?

Art works are reflections on life. Considerations and statements I want to express and share with my surroundings.  

About the Artist


Hanne Matthiesen, (02.08.60)


Education: Aarhus Kunstakademi

Fields of creation: mixed -media, collage, artist’s book, textile design, installation

Organizor of: CON-TEXTKunst på Recept, and more art projects

Exhibitions (selected)

2017 ARTMONEY NORD, DOKK1, Aarhus, Dk

2016 TRIBUTE, KKS 100 Years, Copenhagen Townhall, Dk

2015 Stærke Kvinder, Kirsten Kjærs Museum, Dk TEGN, Møllen, Grenå, Denmark

7th International Artist’s Books Triennial Vilnius 2015, Vercelli,It

7th International Artist’s Books Triennial Vilnius 2015, Gallery Titanikas, Vilnius, Lt

2014 hem:HJEM:koti:heim:heima:angerlarsima k, Northatlantic House, Copenhagen hem:HJEM:koti:heim:heima:angerlarsima k Nordens Hus, Reykjavik, Is

2013 Artmoney, 3rd. street NY, USA & Galleri Bredgade, KBH hem:HJEM:koti:heim:heima:angerlarsima k, Silkeborg, Nuuk LIVSTEGN, Højbjerg Bibliotek, Aarhus , Dk

2012 SIZE MATTERS, Højbjerg Bibliotek, Aarhus, DK XI. BuchKunstBiennale, Horn, Austria

2012 Doverodde Book Art Festival, Doverodde

2012 6th International Artist’s Books Triennial Vilnius 2012, Lt 2011

2012 TRANSFORM (Prokk)/ MINDSCAPE, Filmby Aarhus, DK IN TOUCH, Remissen Brande, Nicolaj i Kolding, DK

2012 Vildskud, Højbjerg Bibliotek, Aarhus, DK

2012 SPOR (separat) Doverodde, Thy, DK

2012 Doverodde Book Arts Festival (In the Air), Doverodde, DK 

2011  MINDSCAPE/ TRANSFORM (Prokk)/, Filmby Århus, Dk

2011 Bookmarks IX Infiltrating the Library System, UWE, Bristol, UK

2011 IN TOUCH, Remissen Brande, Nicolaj i Kolding, Dk

2011 Vildskud, Højbjerg Bibliotek, Århus, Dk

2011 SPOR (separat) Doverodde, Thy, Dk

2011 Doverodde Book Arts Festival (In the Air), Doverodde, Dk

2010 Your Documents Please, Alma in Manhattan, NYC, NY, USA

2010 5th International Artists Books Triennial, Hübner Bokform, Halmstad, Sweden

2010 5th International Artist’s Books Triennial Vilnius 2009, TEXT, Seoul, South Korea

2010 Biennale del Libro d’Artista, Napoli, Italy (Artrovert)

2010 Con-Text, artists’ books, Langska Hus, Visby, Gotland, Sweden

2010 ARTROVERT, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, UK

2010 Interferens, Sandslotte og luftkasteller, Aarhus, Dk

2010 CINN, gruppeudstilling/event, Højbjerg Bibliotek, Dk

2010 Inventive Structures Books Beyond Codex, CAW, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

2010 Quantified Aesthetics, Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Minnesota, USA

2010 Doverodde Book Arts Festival, Doverodde, Dk

2010 Con-Text, artists’ books, Nordens Hus, Reykjavik, Island

2010 Con-Text, artists’ books, Umeå Universitetsbibliotek, Umeå, Sverige

2010 Fourth International Biennale for the Artist’s Book, The Library of Alexandria, Egypten

2009 Fabricanti de libri, Artists’ books, Lecce, Italy (Artrovert)

2009 Libri mai mai visti, Russi, Italy

2009 2nd Sheffield Artist’s Book Prize Exhibition, Sheffield, UK (Artrovert)

2009 Love Letters, event, Kulturnat Århus oktober 2009

2009 Con-Text, artists´ books, Silkeborg

2009 Southern Cross University Acquisitive Artists’ Book Award 2009, Lismore, Australien (Artrovert)

2009 5th International Artists Books Triennial, Silkeborg Bad, Silkeborg, Dk

2009 På Recept, Højbjerg bibliotek, Dk

2009 5th International Artists Books Triennial, Gallery Arka, Vilnius, Lithuania

2009 Book Fair Leipzig, Germany

2009 Your Documents Please, Galeria Ajolote Arte Contemporáneo, Gaudalajara, Mexico

2009 Your Documents Please, Bratislava, Slovakia

2009 East Gippsland Art Gallery’s award for artists’ books, Australia (Artrovert)

2009 VI Biennale del Libro d’Artista cittá di Cassino, Italy (Artrovert)

2008  Vueto e creatività, Studie D’Ars, Milano,Italien

2008 4th International Collage Exhibition, Vilnius, Lithuania

2008 Fabbricanti di Libri, (Artrovert) Lecce. Italien

2008 International Collage Exhibition, Vilnius, Lithuania

2008 Fra Pixi til XL, med X-Piir, Hinnerup, Dk

2008 5th Miedzynarodowe Biennale Miniatury, Czestochowa & Warsaw, Polen

2008 2nd. Seongnam International Bookart Fair, Seongnam, Sydkorea

1986-1989 3x KP og 3 X KS (debut)


2009 2nd Sheffield Artist’s Book Prize Exhibition, UK. (Artrovert)

2009 1. præmie, Libri mai mai visit, Russi, Italy. (Artrovert)

2008 3° classificato, Fabricanti di Libri, Sannicola, Italy.  (Artrovert)

2005 Mainprize, 2.nd International Collage Exhibition, Vilnius, Lithuania

1999 Silver medal, Kunsthåndværkerprisen af 1879, Cph, Dk

1992 Bronce medal, Kunsthåndværkerprisen af 1879, Cph, Dk

1992 Merit, Fletcher Challenge Ceramics Award, NZ

Member of


Public collections

The Collection at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt

UCI Libraries (Special Collections & Archieves), University of California, Irvine, USA.

Seongnam Cultural Foundation, Seongnam, South Korea

On print

Blue Note, vol 6, no 1, Impact Press, UWE Bristol, okt 2011, (essay)

“Where Women Create Book of Inspiration”, Joe Packham & Jenny Doh, Lark Books, NC. USA, 2010, portrait article

CON-TEXT, Malling 2009, katalog

5th International Artists Books Triennial, 2009, forord til katalog

“Nyt liv i gamle klude”, Olivia, Politikens forlag, Kbh., 2007

Somerset LIFE; -Artists´ Café, -Apprentice, -Studio og -Workshoppe for Stampington & co, Californien, USA. (Diverse artikler fra 2006-11)

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