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Physician Assistant Studies: Health Disparities & Social Determinants of Health

Culturally Competent Healthcare

What are health disparities?

Differences in the incidence, prevalence, mortality, and burden of diseases and other adverse health conditions that exist among specific population groups.  

What are social determinants of health?

Social, economic,and political conditions that influence the health of individuals and populations. 

From the AMA- Social Determinants of Health: What Medical Students Need to Kow

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Culturally Competent Healthcare

The center of the wheel represents internal dimensions that are usually most permanent or visible. The outside of the wheel represents dimensions that are acquired and change over the course of a lifetime. The combinations of all of these dimensions influence our values, beliefs, behaviors, experiences and expectations and make us all unique as individuals.

From Johns Hopkins University & Medicine 

Social Determinants of Health

Current Published Content

Reducing Surgical Disparities and Improving Health Incomes

Food Insecurity Assessment Tool

Equality vs. Equity


EthnoMed is an ethnic medicine website from the University of Washington containing medical and cultural information about immigrant and refugee groups.

EthnoMed was designed to be used in clinics by care providers in the few minutes before seeing a patient in clinic.

Includes patient education.

Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Office of Minority Health

In April,  2016 the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Office of Minority Health  released data on the quality of care received by patients with Medicare Advantage by racial or ethnic group. Data can be accessed here

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