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Language Teaching and Learning

National Language Resource Centers



Check out the education section, as well as the DIY, crafts, photography, history, and food-and-drink sections of Pinterest for instructional inspiration.  Additionally, organizations maintain pinboards with helpful teaching ideas.

Online Language Projects

Students often learn best when they use the target language to accomplish a project or communicate with others.  These projects enable contact and sharing of information across distance, using the target language.

Language-Teaching Megasites

Free Resources for Language Teachers


Online Culture Resources

Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning encourages learners to use language to accomplish a project.  As such, it imitates how languages are learned and used by native speakers.  PBL also promotes interdisciplinary collaboration among teachers.


Language Performance Standards

Linguistic Resources

Teaching Diverse Learners

Online News Sources

A Few Tools

Online Courses for FL Teachers

Social Learning and Networking

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