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Classical Greek Resources

This guide provides resources to learners of Classical Greek language and literature.

Welcome to Classical Greek Resources

Welcome to the Classical Greek Resources Guide!  This guide will provide you with online and print resources to support your learning of Classical Greek.  Language study promotes intellectual development, multicultural awareness, and intercultural mobility.  Language exists because we need to communicate to achieve our goals and to create and maintain relationships.  Consider making use of the social networking sites listed in this Guide to further your language development by communicating with other learners of Classical Greek! 



Why learn Greek?

Since you're visiting this page, you're probably a student of Greek and already think it's an important language to learn.  Here are several very good reasons to study Greek:

  • Greek is the language of important political figures, philosophers, and scientists who were fundamental for the development of Western thought.
  • Greek literature and culture influenced Rome, which became the basis for the cultures of fifty-seven countries on four different continents.
  • Greek provides a good foundation for the learning of other languages.
  • Learning to read Greek sharpens and disciplines the mind.
  • Acquaintance with ancient cultures teaches us the history of our own culture and encourages tolerance and understanding of other cultures.

(The Classics Academy, "Why Learn Greek and Latin?"

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