Speech to text software, also known as voice recognition software, coverts speech to text.  Speech to text software makes it easier for anyone to use a computer, but is especially useful for individuals with fine motor impairments, individuals with paraplegia, and for individuals without keyboarding skills.  You talk and control the computer - edit documents and emails, launch applications, open files, control the cursor, etc.
  • Dictation Pro allows an individual to speak into a microphone and prepare letters, reports, and e-mails.  Dictation Pro includes command for formatting, deleting, and copying words and passages.   Like all voice recognition software, Dictation Pro requires a good quality headset and an initial software training session to allow Dictation Pro to learn and interpret your voice and speech characteristics.
  • Dragon, the world's best-selling speech recognition software, lets you dictate documents, search the web, email and more on your computer - quickly and accurately - just by using your voice.  Dragon is available in home, premium, professional, legal, and medical versions.  Dragon is available for iOS and Windows.


Dragon Naturally Speaking Demo

  • Tazti is state of the art speech recognition & voice recognition software.  You can easily mash up Tazti to files, folders, programs, videos and songs on your PC, to open them by voice control.  Play PC Games, control applications, programs, and robots by voice command!  Over 300,000 people have now tried Tazti and it's many features.  Tazti is super fun, especially if you are tired of pounding your keyboard or want an easy to use assistive technology. 


Tazti Review

Voice Finger
  • Some speech recognition software assumes the user can type and click if needed.  Voice Finger allows a user to do everything by voice, allowing complete control of the mouse and the keyboard with the user's voice.  It may also be used by gamers, acting as a third hand.  

Voice Finger used to play Words With Friends