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Citation Analysis

This guide covers resources for conducting citation analysis, finding impact factors and journal rankings. Useful for promotion and tenure.

Web of Science: Citation Analysis for an Author

Finding Number of Times an Author has been Cited:

1. Go to Web of Science.

2. In the Search tab, click on Author finder.

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3. Enter the lastname and first initial of the author (eg: Goodman B E) and click next.

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4. Select the name variant. It is a good idea to select the option that adds an asterisk to the first initial to maximize search results and then hit “Next.”

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5. Select the appropriate subject category for your author and hit Next.


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6. The next screen displays all the possible institutions that are affiliated with the name variation of the author you selected. You can select the institution that the author is currently affiliated with and/or previous places of work to refine your search results. You can also leave them all blank to select all and maximize your search to

7. The Results page shows the articles that match the search criteria. The results can be sorted by date, times cited, first author and other criteria. The search results can also be refined using the links on the left side of the screen. You can also click on “Full Text” below each citation to determine if the USD Libraries own the full-text.

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8. Clicking on an individual article from the search results will bring up a citation report on that article. You can view all articles that cite this work or create an alert which will inform you when new citations are published.



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