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Linking Directly to Resources; Individual Articles and Records

This guide will explain persistent links in library resources and how to utilize them, such as in a D2L course page.

Creating Persistent Links to Articles in DynaMed

Linking from DynaMed


Locate the topic and click on the section on the left navigation you want to select such  as etiology, prognosis, or epidemiology for example.


Once there,  you can see the URL change in the search bar. That is your permalink. Copy and paste and that link will take you to that section of the topic every time.


Users need to set up a personal user account first. Access DynaMed from the library, click Sign In in the top left corner and create an account. Users may select any user name and password that they wish for their personal account. (once authenticated through the library) The reason they will want to do this, clicking the permalink off of our IP range will not provide the proper authentication. They will see DynaMed populate in a guest setting. It will ask for them to subscribe or sign in. The sign in is the personal user account.



Test the link in your browser and then test it in D2L. If the link does not work, please contact

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