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Medical Ethics: Reproductive Health

Suggested resources and other information for beginning research on the topic Medical Ethics.

Abortion Ethics Websites

Be cautious in evaluating the objectivity of abortion sites! Most abortion information on the Web supports a particular point of view. Finding balanced information might be easier with print or electronic sources from the library. Ask a librarian for assistance.

Code of Ethics: Decisions about Reproduction

The ethical duty to disclose relevant information about human reproduction to the patient may conflict with the physician's personal moral standards on abortion, sterilization, contraception, or other reproductive services. A physician who objects to these services is not obligated to recommend, perform, or prescribe them. However, the physician has a duty to inform the patient about care options and alternatives, or refer the patient for such information, so that the patient's rights are not constrained. Physicians unable to provide such information should transfer care as long as the health of the patient is not compromised.

American College of Physicians (Ed.). (n.d.). ACP ethics manual seventh edition. Retrieved August 15, 2019, from ACP Center for Ethics and Professionalism website:

Opposing Viewpoints

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center is a collection of essays, articles and documents related to controversial issues.

This collection has section on Abortion topics that explores many different aspects of this topic. Keep in mind that many of the pieces collected here are opinion-based and their authors are likely to rely on emotional appeals as well as facts and philosophical arguments to make their points.

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