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Drug Information Including Herbal, Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Wegner/USD - Licensed and Government-Sponsored, Drug and Pharmaceutical Information Resources

Freely Available, Drug Information Resources

Warning: Although all of these sites include freely available content many of these sites sell advertising space, and a few provide shopping and subscription "opportunities."

Drug Digest -- consumer level information

  • consumer information sheets from Gold Standard
  • consumer level, disease information sheets
  • drug interactions checker and drug comparison tools
  • drug image database searchable by drug name (limited number of drugs included)
  • herb and supplement information

Drug Prescribing in Renal Failure -- professional level information

  • Provides dosing guidelines for childrens and adults

DrugBank -- professional level information

  • lists alternate names for each drug
  • provides each drug's formula, 2-D structural diagram, and rotatable 3-D structural diagram
  • provides each drug's PubChem, CAS Registry, KEGG Compound, etc. numbers
  • lists physical properties of each drug
  • provides links to clinical information and the FDA label for each drug
  • provides the protein sequence of the drug's target and information about the target's function
  • provides drug target SNPs -- professional and consumer level information

  • consumer information sheets in English and Spanish and "advanced consumer information." Information is from MedFacts, Cerner Multum, PDR, and MICROMEDEX
  • consumer level, disease information sheets
  • heavily referenced professional level monographs
  • drug interactions checker.
  • drug image database searchable by drug name (limited number of drugs included)
  • pill identifier, searchable by imprint code and color and shape of pill (limited number of drugs included)
  • new drug approvals and applications
  • medical encyclopedia and dictionary

DrugFacts -- professional level information

  • "Interaction Alert" from Facts & Comparisons
  • "Drug News" including news concerning the FDA, new drug approvals, changes in drug information, and immunization recommendations.
  • most resources linked to this site are accessible to fee-paying subscribers only.

GlobalRPh -- professional level

  • Website created and maintained by David F. McAuley, Pharm.D., R.Ph.
  • Provides access to useful calculators.
  • Also provides access to databases of recommended therapies for infectious diseases (referenced), recommended dilution methods, and recommended dosage adjustments for use with patients with renal impairment.
  • A wide variety of additional information is available.

InteliHealth -- professional and consumer level

  • patient information sheets obtained from ASHP.
  • "Index of Herbal Medicines and Supplements" includes herb and supplement monographs. References are provided and are relatively current.

MedlinePlus Drug Information -- consumer level

  • Consumer level drug monographs from ASHP's MedMaster .

Medscape DrugInfo -- professional and consumer level

  • drug monograph database based on information from First DataBank, ASHP, and FDA's Drug Alert service. Complete bibliographic information for cited works is provided in linked pop-up boxes.
  • drug interaction checker.
  • patient handouts from First DataBank.
  • Medscape requires free registration. -- professional and consumer level

  • professional-level drug monographs
  • a few consumer-oriented, alternative medicine information sheets-- click on "Alternative Medicines" link to the right of the search box.
  • patient information sheets for many drugs. Search for the drug of interest, click on the link to the professional-level monograph, and then look in the left-hand margin for the link to "Patient Information."
  • imprint code and NDC code searches through the "Pill Identifier" screen.
  • access to an online dictionary of medical terms and abbreviations .

Rxmed -- professional level

  • a browsable collection of pharmaceutical monographs that includes information on some prescription and nonprescription drugs, formulas, ointments, etc.
  • a browsable collection of herbal medicine and dietary supplement monographs.
  • a collection of disease information sheets is also available.

WebMD -- consumer level

  • consumer level, drug information sheets (from First DataBank)
  • drug news
  • disease information
  • other consumer-targeted services.
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