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This guide is a starting point for research in the University Libraries. It provides a selective list of print and electronic resources available for all aspects of Theatre study-scholarly as well as performance, production and design.

Current Reviews

  • New York Times, 1997-present  
    Search for articles in recent editions of the New York Times. 
  • Los Angeles Times, 1985-present  
    Search for articles in recent editions of the LA Times.
  • US Major Dailies 
    Provides access to 5 of the country's most respected national and regional newspapers, providing complete and timely coverage of local, national, and world events. (Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post)

The best source for finding reviews of concerts, dance performances, or plays is newspapers.

To determine what resource you'll need, consider the context of the review you're looking for:

  • Do you need a review from a particular city's newspaper(s)?
  • Do you need reviews for a contemporary performance or a historical one?

1. If you don't know what city the performance was in or would like a wide mix of reviews, start with the databases listed below or Lexis Nexis to find reviews from many newspapers.

2. If you know the particular newspaper you need, search the Journal Finder link on the library homepage for individual newspaper titles, like the New York Times. 

3. If you need historic reviews, start with:

Some tips that work in most, if not all, of the online search tools

  • Use whatever information you already know in your search. Include elements like
    • Piece/work title
    • Composer/playwright/choreographer, or performer
    • Critic's name
  • Use quotation marks and use AND between each element, such as: "The Children's Hour" AND "Lillian Hellman"

    The quotation marks let the database know that you need those words to appear together and in that order and the AND limits the results to articles containing both phrases.

  • Look for options in whatever tool you are searching to limit your search (often in the advanced search, if there is one) to:
    • a particular time period if you need reviews of a premiere, for example
    • particular newspaper/publication
    • to just "Reviews" as an item type
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