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Using Micromaterials in the University Libraries

This is a guide for locating, viewing, and scanning various micromaterials located in the University Libraries.

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What are Micromaterials?

Micromaterials, also known as microforms, are very small reproductions of printed materials which need special equipment to be viewed. Items are usually reproduced as micromaterials to save space or allow for fragile or rare items to be widely distributed.  Anything that has appeared in print could appear in microform, including books, newspapers, magazines, letters, manuscripts, photographs, and maps.

The University Libraries has three kinds of micromaterials: microfilm, microfiche, and microprint/card. All of these are housed on second floor.

Using This Guide

Welcome to the guide for using micromaterials in the University Libraries. The purpose of this guide is to help researchers recognize the different microforms, search for them in the online catalog, locate the items in the library, and view and scan them using our equipment and software. Use the tabs across the top of this page to navigate between different topics, and if you require assistance, there are staff members available in the Library who can help you.

Special thanks to Kevin Seeber, Strozier Library at Florida State University for allowing us to use portions of his Microform guide.


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