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Legal Research Resources for USD Students (Non-Law): Federal Administrative Law

This guide is intended for academic research in legal resources by University of South Dakota graduate and undergraduate students from colleges and schools other than the School of Law. The information in this guide is not intended as legal advice.

Federal Regulations and Rules

Federal agency rules and regulations are published on business days in the Federal Register. After publication in the Federal Register, rules and regulations are codified (arranged by subject) in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).  

The easiest method to find a rule or regulation is to locate the rule or regulation in the e-CFR.  This website is current through the last two or three business days. Then use the official Federal Register or the Federal Register 2.0 to update the regulation or rule through the last two or three days.

Federal Regulations and Rules - USD Databases

Presidential Documents

The President of the United States also may have consitutional or statutory authority to issue documents that have legal effect.  See Steven M. Barkan, Legal Research Illustrated: An Abridgement of Fundamentals of Legal Research at 247. 

Federal Administrative Law and Research Guides

Federal Administrative Agency Decisions and Information

Decisions of federal administrative agencies generally are published by a variety of sources - the agencies themselves, the United States Government Printing Office (GPO), or commercial publishers.  The sites below provide links to current and defunct agency websites, government publications, and information about government agencies.

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