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Freshman English Information Literacy Instructors' Guide

This toolkit is intended to support information literacy instruction in Freshman English (ENGL 101 and UHON 110) classes. It provides resources for use by library faculty and teaching faculty.

Recommended Readings on Active Learning & IL Instruction

The attached list contains recommended readings on active learning, situated learning, and problem- and project-based learning.

Current Awareness

Journals and listservs can help educate stakeholders in higher-education information literacy and maintain awareness of issues like pedagogy and standards in library instruction.  Thanks to Jennifer Jarson of Muehlenberg College for compiling this list and for suggesting other resources used in this guide in her College & Research Libraries News article on resources in IL and IL instruction in higher education (C&RLN 71.10 (2010):534-538).

Contact the Author

Contact Dr. Carol Leibiger at: or 605-658-3383.

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