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Freshman English Information Literacy Instructors' Guide

This toolkit is intended to support information literacy instruction in Freshman English (ENGL 101 and UHON 110) classes. It provides resources for use by library faculty and teaching faculty.

Information Literacy Across the Curriculum

The College of DuPage and the University of Rhode Island are examples of higher-education institutions that have articulated comprehensive information literacy plans.

Embedded Librarianship

Embedded librarians accompany students through an entire course and provide research instruction and assistance on an ongoing basis.

Course-Integrated Library Instruction

Course-integrated, course- and assignment-specific library instruction, as described on the library web site of the University of Massachusetts-Boston, is a typical form of information literacy instruction in contemporary higher education.

General-Education Integration

Like the University of South Dakota, some universities integrate information literacy instruction into general-education or first-year-experience courses to teach essential skills beginning in the freshman year.  James Madison University integrates information literacy into a first-year-experience cluster.

Handbook for Information Literacy Teaching

Discipline-Specific Information Literacy Instruction

Discipline-specific information literacy instruction typically occurs in upper-division courses and is embedded in students' major course of study.  The Association of College & Research Libraries is in the process of developing discipline-specific information literacy standards.

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