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Making it sticky: Adding value to your digital library projects

Digital libraries need not be quiet or hidden treasures. Yet too often we have the belief that if we simply build it our patrons will come and view it. This session focuses on ways to make your digital library projects sticky.

Minnesota Digital Library

Childrens Digital Library

Blue Earth County Historical Society (Mankato)

Activity: For Jr. High School Students: have students assigned to groups. Each group is responsible for going to the locations featured in the digital library where there is a known address provided. Each group will have a digital camera to take photographs of the buildings at each address. Lesson will focus on change over time. What buildings are the same? Which buildings are gone or changed significantly?

Eastern North Carolina Digital Library

Clicking on the "Classroom" link from the DL homepage will take you to an extremely well developed set of structured lesson plans to use in conjunction with the digital library.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

This site contains games and other activities. While the games and activities are self contained DL objects, the existence of these games and activities can function to bring visitors to the DL.

Macalester College

Macalester College Dorm Rooms

Library of Congress American Memory project

How To Smile Digital Library

Hudson River Valley Project

A Civil War Diary project

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