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Computstat/Research Insight (remote access): Printing

Information for USD users about how to login remotely to access the Compustat database.


  • This guide shows USD users how to print files using the Compustat/Research Insight database through the Virtual Desktop.
  • Please be aware that when you access Compustat (Research Insight) remotely, you are working with a second desktop via .  A person still has their “normal” desktop on their computer.  This second desktop is often called a “virtual desktop.”

Please contact Danielle Loftus with any questions relating to this guide, or access to the Compustat database.  Please contact Steve Johnson for help with navigating the Compustat database.


To save a Compustat file as a PDF:

1. Go to FILE and select PRINT.

2. When the Print box appears, select PROPERTIES. Select the LAYOUT tab and select PORTRAIT as the orientation. Click OK.

3. Select FOXIT READER PDF READER and click OK.

NOTE: The document you put into pdf format only goes into the virtual desktop.  It DOESN’T go to your computer’s “normal” desktop or the folders on your hard-drive.

4. Locate the LIBRARIES folder. Select the DOCUMENTS folder.

5. Save the PDF file in the DOCUMENTS folder.

6. To locate the file, select the START menu within the virtual desktop. The file will be loacted in the DOCUMENTS folder. 


7. Use INTERNET EXPLORER in the virtual desktop to email the Compustat PDF to yourself.


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