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ENGL 283: Creative Writing: Approaches to Literature

This LibGuide provides access to sources that support creative writing.

Encyclopaedia Britannica

The Encyclopaedia Britannica provides information to support your understanding and interpretation of literary texts.  Look up allusions to historical and social events or other literary texts in this reference work.

Elements of Literature

 Structural elements like plot, characters, symbolism, etc. are the building blocks from which authors construct texts.  Formalists consider how structural elements of the text contribute to the author’s message.  Use the Elements of Literature Checklist to keep track of the elements of texts and how they're used.

Oxford Reference Works

The Library's Oxford Reference provides database access to valuable reference works on American, British, and other literatures.  

Postmodern Critical Lenses

Postmodern criticism recognizes that literature is social and can be understood from multiple points of view.  It seeks inclusiveness, opening the discussion to dominant and minority voices.  

Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms

Use the Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms to look up terms to enhance your reading and writing of literary criticism.

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