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Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition: Subject Searching

Subject Searching Basics

Searching by subject helps ensure that you find the most relevant resources on your search topic.

To begin a subject search in Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition, click on Subjects in the blue bar across the top of the screen.

Let's say you want your search to include only Type 2 Diabetes. Type Type 2 Diabetes in the search box below Browsing: Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition -- Subjects. Click Browse. The subject thesaurus will tell you to use the term "NON-insulin-dependent diabetes" to search for items relating to Type 2 diabetes. By using the subject "NON-insulin-dependent diabetes" you ensure the search will cover any variation of the term, such as adult onset diabetes, etc.



Clicking on the term Non-insulin-dependent diabetes will bring you to screen that describes what the term means, a list of broader and narrower terms, and a list of words that fall under that subject.

This particular term does not have a Scope Note (defenition), but if we click on the link DIABETES, we will find one for the broader term.


Check the box in front of the term NON-insulent-dependent diabetes and click Add. This will add the term to the search box as a subject term.

Subject Guide

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