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Information Desk: Training Resources

Welcome! At the Information Desk you will provide basic information about library resources and services throughout campus.


#1 Priority: Providing Excellent Customer Service

Working at the Information Desk, you will:

  • be the first point of contact when some enters and exits the building
  • provide basic information about library resources and services
  • act as a referral center to the Academic Commons and other campus resources
  • assist with library security issues, monitor photocopy machine problems and book study rooms

If you have a question, ask for assistance. It is much better to ask for assistance than to give inaccurate information.

Tips for Excellent Customer Service


  • Be alert, helpful and attentive at all times.
  • Stop what you are doing to help the patron immediately.
  • What is your body language saying? Maintain eye contact, smile, nod, sit up straight, etc.
  • Briefly repeat what you hear the patron requesting to be sure you are hearing their question accurately.
  • Keep a pen/pencil and paper hand to jot down notes.
  • Know how to handle questions and complaints.
  • Know when to call a supervisor.


Library Terminology

Sometimes it may seem as if library staff are speaking a different here see brief definitions of commonly used library terms.

Information Desk Training Video

Keeping Statistics

Recording each time you help someone, whether in person or on the phone, is an important part of your work at the Information Desk. The statistics from these numbers are used to complete surveys and questionaires throughout the year, as well as monitor the activity level of the Information Desk.  So--please, record in Desk Tracker each time you help someone, whether in person or on the phone.

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