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When searching for an artist's name in the University Libraries catalog:

SUBJECT searches will reveal books which focus on a single artist and their work (monographs).

AUTHOR searches will reveal exhibition catalogs on artists' shows.

KEYWORD searches for subjects, nationality, art movements or mediums that relate to this artist will reveal books which may be helpful. The artist's name may not appear in the catalog, but the artist may appear within a more general work.

Researching Artists / Designers

First questions to ask when researching artists: 

  1. Is the artist living (contemporary)?
    • This will help you plan your avenue for research.
  2. How long was the artist active?
    • This will give you an idea of the breadth of their oeuvre, and the research path that lies ahead of you.
    • Documentation of an artist's work usually begins in their 30's. If an artist lived to be 80, they will have fifty years of work, ideas and influences for you to research. An artist's body of work will transform over time, changing how their work looks and how it's received by the public.
    • Look at work and publications from different periods of the artist's life to fully understand their body of work. 

Researching Living Artists (Contemporary Artists)

Living, or contemporary, artists may have very little about them published in academic journals and books. Information on the free web will likely be your best avenue for starting research about an artist.

Reliable Web Sources About Artists


Artist's Website 

An artist's website is a primary source about the artist. It is a first-hand account from the artist. 

If you find contact information such as an email address, use it. Artists are people too who enjoy it when other people are interested in their work. Artists are also professionls, so correspond with them in a professional, organized and considerate manner. 

Gallery Websites

Galleries that show or represent certain artists usually have information about the artist online. 

Galleries often have an archive of material not posted on the web. Contact the gallery about additional materials they may have about the artist. Remember to correspond with them in a professional, organized and considerate manner. 


Museum Websites

Museums that own works by an artist or have exhibited work by the artist usually have information online about that artist. Museum libraries collect information specifically about their objects. Museums often have archives which contain primary source documents about artists. Remember to correspond with the librarian or archivist in a professional, organized, considerate manner. 

Look for these items when researching online. Be prepared to dig for it.

  • Images/videos
  • Biographical information
  • Resume OR Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Artist's Statement
  • List of publications by and about the artist
  • Interviews
  • Contact information for the artist
  • Social media profiles

If you discover your living artist has been active for awhile and/or has exhibited extensively, consider the additional resources listed below. 

Remember to also search the databases listed in the "Articles" tab for articles published in credible art magazines and journals. Also, search for books about your artist in the "Books" tab.

Online Resources About Artists

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