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Information Literacy Instructor's Resource: Sample Information Literacy Assignments

This LibGuide provides information and resources for instructors who want to integrate information literacy instruction and assignments into their courses.

The "Does" of Library Assignments

As you create research assignments, please DO:

  • explain the importance of the assignment and relate the resarch to the course's learning objectives.
  • make the assignment relevant to the course content.
  • gear the assignment to the knowledge and research skill level of your students.
  • use the assignment to teaching research strategies (including the research process, resources, and evaluting information)
  • give full written instructions, indicating what types of resources should be used.
  • put materials needed by more than one student on reserve.
  • try the assignment yourself before you give it to your students to make sure the library has the resources to support it.
  • involve the library faculty in designing your assignment (subject-specialist librarians know the discipline and the collect, and they're familiar with students' research issues).
  • provide a copy of th assignment for the Reference Desk so your library faculty colleagues can prepare for and help your students.
  • give your students the library assignment early so that they can use their library skills in your course an other courses.


Find & Compare Book Reviews

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Discipline- or Work-Situated Information Literacy Activity

Situated IL instruction places the research into a specific context in which the research fits naturally into the demands of a discipline or work environment.  The two activities below are samples of IL situated in a work environment in which graduates with speech or writing backgrounds might find themselves.

Jigsaw Exercise

A jigsaw activity is a cooperative learning technique using small groups. The strategy is an efficient teaching method that also encourages listening, engagement, interaction, peer teaching, and cooperation by giving each member of the group an essential part to play in the academic activity. Both individual and group accountability are built into the process.  Groups are assigned small information-finding projects; they then report to the class on their findings.

Abstract of a Journal Article

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Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is a citation of a resource that includes a summary and/or evaluation of each of the sources. Depending on your project or the assignment, your annotations may do one or more of the following: summary, evauation, and assessment.

The Purdue OWL Writing Lab has an excellent page on crafting an annotated bibliography:

Find & Compare Articles

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Panel Discussion or Debate

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