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Educational Hashtags

20 Twitter Hashtags Every Teacher Should Know (Edudemic)

28 Twitter Hashtags to Follow Education Reform

Educational Hash Tags

Edudemic A to Z Dictionary of Educational Twitter Hashtags

Twitter Hashtag List (November Learning)

Education Hashtags and Live Channels

Twitter Chat Schedule

Top 10 list rom Simple k12:

  1. #edchat - This is hashtag that was created by Tom Whitby, Steven Anderson and Shelly Terrell for all educators to connect and share their ideas on. Every Tuesday at 12:00 pm EST and 7:00 pm EST they have a discussion on a topic that is voted on the day before.
  2. #mlearning This is a great hashtag to follow if you're looking to incorporate mobile devices into your classroom. This feed will provide you with many ideas and connections with other educators doing similar things in their classroom.
  3. #edtech - Under this hashtag you can find anything that has to do with technology in education. This is also a great place to find out about new web tools you can use with your students.
  4. #ipaded - If you're an educator with an iPad (or looking for a good reason to buy one), check out #ipaded. This stream highlights manyiPad apps that are ideal for education.
  5. #education - Here you can find information on anything and everything related to education- from standardized testing to new technology for teachers.
  6. #mathchat - Not only can you always find a tricky math problem that needs solving on this stream, but you can also connect with all types of math teachers who you can collaborate and share ideas with.
  7. #scichat - If you're a science teacher you must check out #scichat. This stream will keep you up to date with everything happening in the science field, both related and unrelated to education.
  8. #engchat - engchat takes place every Monday from 7-8:00 pm EST. Each week they cover a different topic that they highlight on their website.
  9. #sped -Technology is revolutionizing special education. Check out #sped to learn about how education is changing and what technology is making it happen.
  10.  #kinderchat... #6thchat - If you're looking for grade specific content and lessons for your elementary students, check out any of the following hashtags- #kinderchat #1stchat #2ndchat #3rdchat #4thchat #5thchat #6thchat.
Thanks to Joyce Valenza's teacher resource pages

LiveBinder information for Twitter

Suggested PLN readings

Personal Learning Networks delicious

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Link to full list of hashtags

Constructing a PLN

Starting a Personal Learning Network

Developing an Online Personal Learning Network

Welcome to my PLE

Courtsey of Wendy Drexler is a content curation service. It enables people to publish newspapers based on topics they like and treat their readers to fresh news, daily. We believe that people (and not machines) are the ones qualified to curate the content that matters most. We also think that these same people can greatly help their own communities to find their way through this “massive content world” we live in. We’re here to help!

The PLN for K12 Teachers

Personal Learning Networks

The Reflective Teacher’s Weekly

The Teacher Toolkit Times

Google Reader

RSS/Google Readers

RSS Feeds for Educators:  Listed here are RSS Feeds (education-driven) that I have found are worth subscribing to for a variety of reasons.  Some are focused on educational leadership issues, while others provide a constant flow of great classroom resources and tips.  Some are content specific, while others update what is “hot” in educational news.  Hopefully you have some of your own that you can add that may benefit the group.  Feel free to create a category and populate the list with your RSS feeds for educators.

NOTE 1:  This list contains professional resources, but RSS Feeds are just as fantastic for personal interests.  To get comfortable with this technology, you may want to start with personal interests (i.e. travel, skateboarding, civil war, fly-fishing, etc.).  Start with your interests and you may begin to see the real value for yourself and your students.

NOTE 2: This is most certainly NOT a comprehensive list of feeds that are ‘out there’, just a place to get started.  If you ever find that these feeds are irrelevant to your practice, simply unsubscribe in your Google Reader.

Educational Leadership

General Educational Resources

Blogs for Educators Focused on virtual schooling and distance learning need or want to contribute slides for powerful quotes about learning and change? Visit this Flicrk pool/ TED Talks focused specifically on learning. blog by Wes Fryer  blog by Will Richardson - Education-National Public Radio’s education based news feed -Blog of Chris Lehman, principal of the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia

Language Arts  Blog by Nancy Keane, librarian, focused on Y and YAliterature.  Done mostly in podcast form.  Superb for students.  -  If you teach LA, check out this comprehensive list of feeds from ReadWriteThink.  See how effectively novel-based podcasts can beused and shared with high school students. News feed from the National Council of Teachers of English

Science  Science Theater!  Experiments and concepts demoed via video podcast.  News and resource feed from the National Science & Technology Association  -current events feed for elementary/middle schoolers in science.  NOTE - There are feeds for every curricular area on  - some interesting stuff in here with links to other resources.

History  Biographies and stories about women of the Civil War era, how they lived, what they did to survive, how they fought for women's rights. -Another Civil War blog

Sue Waters' Complete Educator's Guide to Using Google Reader

Educational Twitter Hashtags

The Most Popular Hashtags

  • #edchat – Education, worldwide (lots of US teachers). A really useful hashtag if you are interested in tweeting with a wide range of educators worldwide.
  • #schools – Massively wide ranging but used far less than #edchat or #ukedchat
  • #teaching – This hashtag seems to largely be used for jobseeking, FYI
  • #lrnchat – Learning chat
  • #TT – Teacher Tuesday where educators suggest others to follow
  • #kinderchat – hashtag for discussing kindergarten aged children
  • #EdChatIE – The educational hashtag for Ireland for all three levels
  • #ukedchat – UK Education
  • #ClavEd – The educational hashtag for French Speakers – Wednesdays at 12h(EST) 13h(ATL) 18h(Paris)
  • #GlobalEd – Education with a global dimension



  • #edtech – a very wide range of tweets relating to the use of technology in education.
  • #elearning – eLearning topics
  • #mlearning – the use of mobile technologies in education, also #mobilelearning though this is less used
  • #edapp – educational apps
  • #gbl - games based learning
  • #slide2learn – iDevices and learning
  • #vitalcpd – effective use of technology in the classroom


Subject Specific


Specific Areas / Roles

  • #pgce – this is a widely used hashtag and is a great way to share ideas and support
  • #gtchat – for tweets related to gifted and talented education
  • #esl – English as a second language, this seemed to have more relevant tweets than #EFL
  • #Bullying – especially good for finding bullying resources or help and support if bullying is an issue though it is not confined to school bullying
  • #cpchat – connected principals discussion
  • #ntchat - new teachers, (#nqtchat seems to have lapsed)
  • #spedchat – special educational needs. Live chat every Tuesday night at 8:30 EST for special education related topics
  • #homeschool – everything related to home schooling, seems to be far more widely used than #hsc
  • #playoutdoors – outdoor play and learning ideas
  • #TLChat – is the hashtag for Teacher Librarians’ discussions/resources
  • #ESDGC – Education for sustainability and global citizenship

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