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Multiple Literacies & Web 2.0

ShaZam! Multiple Literacies in the 21st Century School Library

Sites to check out

Action-Reaction- physics teacher Frank Noschese

Always Formative- middle school science teacher Jason Buell
Quantum Progress- 9th grade physics teacher's award-winning blog

Teaching Chemistry: Building a 21st Century Chemistry Classroom - high school chemistry teacher Ellena Bethea

Science Websites

  • Celestia
    A free space exploration simulation program, in addition to seeing the Earth's surface, students can zoom in on moons, stars, and planets. The user controls what they see.
  • Chemical Education Digital Library
    A large collection of resources for teaching and learning chemistry. The ChemEd DL contains tutorials for students, 3D models, lesson plans, and more. The tutorials include 3D chemical models and explanations of what each part of the models does and how those parts work together. In the lesson plans section you will find downloadable lesson plans organized by subject. ChemEd DL also features a periodic table that links each element to data and explanations about that element.
  • Games for Science Learning and Scientific Discovery
    Article on the topic and links to and Refraction
  • Medical Animations: Univ. of Pennsylanvia Health Systems
    The University of Pennsylvania Health System provides nearly 200 video animations and explanations of injuries, diseases, and body systems. The animations are concise which makes them good for general reference purposes.
  • Open Culture: 125 Great Science Videos
    Links to some of the best educational media on the web, this particular page is for science videos--from Astronomy to Physics & Psychology
  • Open Culture: Science
    Links to some of the best educational media on the web, this particular page is for science topics
  • Periodic Table Of Comic Books
    The idea is that for every element in the Periodic Table of Elements there is a comic book reference. Clicking on an element in the periodic table displayed on the homepage will take visitors to a list and images of comic book references to that particular element. After looking at the comic book reference if visitors want more information about a particular element they can find it by using the provided link to Web Elements.
  • Sumanas
    Sumanas develops animated tutorials in a variety of formats for many scientific disciplines. Many of the animations are narrated, but even those that aren't are very clear none-the-less. The largest selections of animations are found in the biology categories.
  • Virtual Cell Animations: NDSU
    The collection of virtual cell animations introduces students to seventeen molecular and cellular processes. For each process there is a series of annotated images, a text explanation, and a video explaining the process.
  • Teachers Domain: Science
    Teachers' Domain is a free digital media service for educational use from public broadcasting and its partners. You’ll find thousands of media resources, support materials, and tools for classroom lessons, individualized learning programs, and teacher professional learning communities.
  • Win? Fail? PHYSICS
    Popular YouTube clips for students to analyze and apply physics
  • Wolfram Alpha
    Provides access to the world's facts and data and calculates answers across a range of topics, including science thanks to Edina High School


Anatomy Teachers: 36 Teaching Resources

Most of the resources below are intended for high school students, with a few for  middle and elementary levels.
All Systems Go!- interactive game

Anatomy Arcade- loads of games, covering all eight systems of the body.

Anatomy Flash Cards- This is a HUGE list!

Anatomy of the Human Body- "The edition of Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body features 1,247 vibrant engravings—many in color—from the classic 1918 publication, as well as a subject index with 13,000 entries ranging from the Antrum of Highmore to the Zonule of Zinn." flash animations on immunobiology

BioDigital Human-make sure your browser is up-to-date for this site


Build a Body- drag and drop parts of the human body results from several online sources

Get Body Smart- interactive site with tutorials

Gray's Anatomy- over 12,000 entries cover everything about the human anatomy

Healthline Body Maps-3D male and female models

Heart Anatomy- interior view; many self-tests on this page.

Human Blood-introduction to its components and types; also find flash cards and crossword puzzles on the topic.

Human Body Resources for Teachers- nice listing from TeacherVision

Image Search from Google- over 9 million results!

Inner Body- choose from the 8 systems to navigate (many ads on this site)

Master Muscle List- listed in alphabetical order or by region.

Medical Animation Library- from Penn Medicine; (UPenn) over 200 video tutorials

MEDtropolis- "home of the virtual body"

Membrane Transport- animated explanation

Skull Anatomy Tutorial- includes all views and a slide show.

Think Anatomy- huge collection of all-things anatomy, including dissection videos, terminology, mnemonics, podcasts, study guides and lots more; smartphone app is available!

Anatomy: Muscular System- covers grades 7-12; links to lesson plans

Anatomy of the Brain- several lesson plans

Anatomy and Physiology Lesson Plans- includes class outlines, quizzes, handouts, images

Awesome Library's Lesson Plans

Body Tissue Lab- lesson plan complete with handouts

Human Body Lesson Plans- each system listed

Physiology and Body Systems Lesson Plans- PowerPoint and Word file downloads

Teaching the Parts of the Brain- grades 3-5

TeAchnology's Anatomy Lesson Plans- covers many grade levels

Mendeley - A New Way to Research

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The Physics Classroom

The Physics Classroom is a great resource for high school Physics teachers and high school Physics students. The Physics Classroom was developed by Tom Henderson, a high school physics teacher since 1989. The Physics Classroom offers detailed tutorials on thirteen different physics topics including waves, electricity, Newton's laws, and vectors. In addition to the written tutorials, The Physics Classroom also offers more than 50 animationsand 6 videos demonstrating physics concepts.

Web Resources

  • Dynamic Periodic Table
    Chemistry. Periodic Table with lots of options to play with to find the information needed; content pulls from a number of sources including Wikipedia.
  • The Elements Song Video
    Chemistry: Using Google's Instant Search and the Elements Song, a very fun look at the elements. Sort of a science music video!
  • Molecular Expressions: Images from the Microscope  
    Photo galleries: one of the Web's largest collections of color photographs taken through an optical microscope from FSU

MIT Science Video Lessons

Home for K-12 You can search by subject or grade level.

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