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Best Free Tools for Animated Pictures

Have you ever wondered how to create an animated picture ? If you have here is an answer for you. There are several online  tools  that allow users to create GIF animations from pictures stored on their computers. Here are some of the best free web tools that can help you create animated GIFs

1- Picasion

Picasion is web application that allows its users to :
  • Create GIF animations
  • Control the speed of animations
  • Select the size of the GIFs
2- GifUp

GifUp is another web tool that lets users create animated GIFs and avatars. It is easy to use and has several features such as :
  • Upload images from pc, webcam,Flickr, or grab  them directly from a web page
  • Use as many images as you want to compose your animations
  • Control animation speed settings
  • Download and save animations to your website
  • Share your GIFs with others or embed them in your website or blog
3- GIFMake

GIFMake  is a simple online GIF maker program that lets its users compose their animated GIFs from regular static images. It offers several features such as :
  • You can upload images from your computer or a web address
  • Specify the duration of each frame in the animation
  • Control how many times to repeat each animation
  • download and save animations 
4- MakeAGIF

MakeAGIF is a great image maker that allows users to  created animated GIFs out of images of different sizes and formats. Among its features ;
  • No registration is need
  • No software to download is required
  • Upload images up to 1MB in size
  • it has several animation options to apply to your images
5- Gickr

Gickr is a free animated GIFs maker. The tool is very easy to use and has several features such as :
  •     Make free animated GIFs
  •     Upload images from a web address , or computer
  •    You can use up to 10 picture in an animation
  •    It is free and does not require any registration
  •   It generates a link for you to share your animations with others
6- GifSoup

GifSoup is a free video to GIF converter. It allows its users to :
  •  Convert Youtube videos into animated GIFs very easily and with just few clicks
  •  Download animated GIFs into your computer
  • It offers a ten second limit on video lenght
  • It has a wide library of animated GIFs created by others


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