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Infographic Creation Tools

1. Piktochart

Piktochart is by far the best infographic creation tool we’ve found. While the free account is limited, it is still highly functional, and gives you an idea of how easy it is to use before ponying up for the paid account if you so choose.

2. easelly


Information Graphics Tools (Educational Technology & Mobile Learning)

Information graphics which are the visual representation of data known as infogographics are making rounds online these days. It seems like web users are favouring this form of content format over other forms. Their  visually attractive display, the bright and shiny colours they  include are what make out of them an appealing means of communication. I personally like them because I find them factually interesting, to the point, and easy on eyes. I have devoted a whole section in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning  to the educational infographics I find online. Anyway today I am sharing with you tools that you can use to make your own infographics. Check out the list below.


infographic creation tools

This is a great tool that allows users to create visually rich infographics from pre-designed themes. It is very easy to use and only drag and drop. It actually supports Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

2- Stat Planet

infographic creation tools

This one here allows users to create amazing visualisations and share them with others. It can be used either within your browser or download the software for free.

3- Hohli

infographic creation tools

This is an awesome chart maker. It is very easy to use : just pick up your chart type, add some data, customize the size and colors,

4- Creately

infographic creation tools

This is also a great tool in creating diagrams and flow charts. It provides pre-designed templates and diagram types. Just fill in your data and share with others.

5- Many Eyes

infographic creation tools

This is one of the easiest of them all. It provides you with a set of pre-made visualisations that you can fill in with your data or use their data.

6- Wordle

infographic creation tools

This is a text based visualisation tool. It basically lets users create their own word clouds based on interesting pre-made designs.

7- Tableau

infographic creation tools

This works just on Windows.  It allows users to create interactive visualisations with colourful and unique themes. They can also share them with others or embed them in their websites. It is very easy to use and is  completely free.

8-  Inkspace

infographic creation tools

This is also a free infographic creation tool. It has a simple and intuitive interface and besides being able to create your own inforgraphics, it also allows you to import your  visualisations and combine them with other visuals to create your own chef-d'oeuvre. ( It requires download )
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