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Multiple Literacies & Web 2.0

ShaZam! Multiple Literacies in the 21st Century School Library

The Power of One

Wallwisher Tutorial

Collaborize Classroom

Collaborize Classroom is designed to complement classroom instruction and engage students in online activities, assignments and discussions that allow for deeper participation inside and outside the classroom.

  • Do more with less. Allow your students to participate on their own time with an easy-to-use private platform.
  • Enrich your curriculum with multimedia. Embed Microsoft Office documents, videos, pictures, and PDFs.
  • Give every student a voice. Teach students how to have productive, respectful and supportive discussions online.
  • Publish discussions to a results page so students can see tangible outcomes of their conversations.
  • Access detailed student participation reports that make grading easy!
  • Download FREE lesson plans to help get you started.

Celly for Schools

Celly @ School

Celly is a platform of tools that enhances school communication
  • Create cells, instant mobile networks that connect your school
  • Members can join a cell by texting or logging in to the web
  • Click on the following scenarios to learn about how schools are using Celly

Stickynote Tools

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