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Multiple Literacies & Web 2.0

ShaZam! Multiple Literacies in the 21st Century School Library

What Does It Mean

Social Media for Teachers

1. Global Professional Development – Professional development in the era of social media is global and without walls. The opportunity to make contact with and engage other educators in the pursuit of information or collaborate is simple, fast and readily available. Gone are the days of saying, “If only I knew someone who did a lesson on (insert lesson topic)” or “How do I deal with (insert awkward situation)”. Suggestions from educators from around the world are only seconds away for those who engage in the use of social media.

2.  Positivism - Professional development using social media for educators is inherently positive. The vast majority of educators participating are looking to help others and provide information. Negative comments and negativity in general are not accepted. Educators engaging in social media are willing to help or lead you in the right direction and at the same time be positive. It’s a great learning and sharing environment.

3. We Are Here To Learn – Educators on social media are educators. There is little interest in title or status. Although we will list them in our bio’s or introduce ourselves during a chat with a title, they matter very little. The reason why they are irrelevant is simply because we are there to learn, help, assist, give and get guidance, provide resources, and generally move education forward. Everyone has something to add and everyone has something to learn in the educational world on social media.

A positive, global learning environment that finds value in all of its participants should excite educators and encourage them to get involved. This is what social media does for educators around the world. Help a colleague find that excitement. Show them the value of using social media.

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from Scott R Rocco

21st Century Teacher Skills


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