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HIST 780/782 Research Guide

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Review Essays in Scholarly Journals

Review articles (also known as review essays) in scholarly journals are excellent resources in the early stages of the research process.  Review articles generally review two or more selected books on a topic.  Review articles provide an overview and analysis of the scholarly writing on a topic.   Consider the following summary of a review article located in America History and Life:

"THE INDIAN NEW DEAL: A REVIEW ESSAY" by Roger w. Buffalohead in Minnesota History; Winter 1983, vol. 48. Reviews Lawrence C. Kelly's 'The Assault on Assimilation: John Collier and the Origins of Indian Policy Reform' (1983) and Robert Fay Schrader's 'The Indian Arts and Crafts Board: An Aspect of New Deal Policy' (1983) - two recent additions to the growing literature on US Commissioner of Indian Affairs John Collier.

One can find review essays in the resources such America History and Life, Historical Abstracts, JSTOR and other databases. 

America History and Life (EBSCOhost)

America History and Life (AHL) is a comprehensive index to scholarly articles in the field of American history.  AHL also offers some links to full-text articles.  Also see JSTOR and Project Muse.

Historical Abstracts (EBSCOhost)

Historical Abstracts is an index to scholarly articles on topics in European and World history.

L'Annee Philologique

L'Annee Philologique is an index of publications related to the history, language, literature and civilization of ancient Greece and Rome. It includes periodical articles, articles in book collections, festschriften, dissertations, and conference papers.

International Medieval Bibliography

International Medieval Bibliography (IMB) Online will point you to over 3,000 articles related to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East during the years 400 to 1500.  


JSTOR contains full-text,  scholarly articles on topics in the fields of U.S., European, Middle Eastern, Asian, African, and Ancient history.   Access JSTOR.



Check the Journal List to see if the University Libraries have the journal, newspaper, or magazine for which you looking. 


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