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SciFinder Scholar

Using SciPlanner to Organize Your Research

"SciPlanner allows users to create customized reaction pathways as well as organize and manage SciFinder results in ways they find most useful. Users can integrate reactions, experimental procedures, substances, and references from multiple documents. Specifically, the new tool enables researchers to:

  • For the first time ever, create complete reaction pathways from individual reactions across multiple publications that are indexed in the CAS databases.
  • Visualize and consolidate preferred reaction strategies in a single place and combine them with references, structures, reactions, and substances.
  • Create reports to share specific reaction pathways for assignment, distribution, and presentation to colleagues."

In the top right hand corner of the SciFinder screen is the term SciPlanner.  Click on SciPlanner to access your SciPlanner workspace.  Once complete you can print out a detailed report on the reaction details, substance details, and reference works in your SciPlan.

To learn how to use this resource please to organize your research please watch the following videos each of which are 1 minute or less.

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