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University Libraries Website

On the library's website, you can find information on University Library Services such as rooms, spaces, & lockers; copying, printing, & computing; borrowing, requesting, & renewing; interlibrary loan; accessibility; library forms; and more. There is also information on hours, subject specialists, policies & procedures, and more under the "About Us" tab. Also familarize yourself with the different sections of our website such as Research Tools and Primary Sources to help answer patron questions. 

Library of Congress Classification System

Library of Congress Classification Outline

Listed below are the letters and titles of the main classes of the Library of Congress Classification. Click on any class to view an outline of its subclasses.

The files are also available for downloading in WordPerfect format (noted as WP version) and in Word format (noted as Word version).

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook provides student employees with all the necessary information for successful employment with University Libraries. 

Library Use Policy

The Library Use Policy will address many of the issues you may encounter working at the Circulation Desk or elsewhere in the library.

Information Desk Training Video

LC Easy

LC Easy gives students the opportunity to practice using the Library of Congress Classification System. This training software provides tutorials, helpful hints, and feedback for new student employees in order to allow them to familarize themselves with this system. Please contact Circulation to use their copy of LCEasy.

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