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Creating a Poster

Step by step instructions on creating a poster; general tips and ideas for poster design

USD Information - Creative Services

Preparing Large Poster Prints at USD

General Poster Rules:

1.     Posters can be created in MS PowerPoint or Adobe Illustrator

2.     Any one poster dimension (length or width) can be no more than 41"

3.     Leave space between the edge of the poster and text/images

4.     Be aware of image sizes.

Images can become more pixilated the larger you make them. It is best to keep all photos at a minimum of 200dpi for print. Do not use low quality web images as a poster background.

5.     Use colors that are attractive and easy to read.

6.     Be sure copy is readable from at least 3ft away.

text/body copy- minimum 20 pt type 

main-headers- 36-60pt type 

title- 100-200pt type, avoid script and specialty fonts that may be hard to read

7.    Do not stretch University logos (hold "shift" key while resizing to maintain dimensions)

8.    Use standard fonts.

       Unique fonts may not be recognized by the printer and could shift off the page.

Print a Test Copy First

Print a mini-poster

Even though your PowerPoint slide is designed to print at a very large scale, it is possible to print the whole thing on a letter-sized piece of paper.  It is easier to proofread, check layout issues, and share drafts with others when it is on paper instead of just in PowerPoint. 

Go to File: Print and make sure that the Scale to Fit Paper option is checked.  Now select your favorite printer and click OK.

Print this Tutorial

USD Creative Services Poster Tutorial
(Alison Buckman, Creative Services)

USD Logo

USD Logos & Colors

Do not stretch University logos (hold "shift" key while resizing to maintain dimensions)

Ready to Print?

Lamination and Poster Tubes are available upon request.

Once you are ready to print:

Fill out this form: 

Attach the PowerPoint and a pdf of the file in an email to

*All posters require a minimum of 2-3 days for production.

Questions: 658-6283 -

For more poster information:

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