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Creating a Poster

Step by step instructions on creating a poster; general tips and ideas for poster design

Quick tips for poster presenters

  • Do not read your poster.  Use your poster as a visual aid.
  • Prepare a 1 minute, 2-3 minute, and 5 minute presentation of your poster. This way you are prepared to talk about your project in many different situations.
  • Cover the main points. Tell viewers about your research question, thesis, methods, and findings.
  • If you don't know the answer to a question a viewer poses-- don't answer it. There is always a chance that someone will ask a question you are not prepared to answer. In that case do not make something up. Offer to follow up with the person after the poster session with more information. 
  • Face the audience. Do not turn your back to read off your poster while you are presenting to viewers.
  • Be clear. Talk in an audible, clear tone while you are presenting. Maintain a normal pace and try to avoid talking too quickly.

Giving an Effective Poster Presentation

A description of how to present your poster effectively, with examples. Created primarily with first-time poster presenters in mind.
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