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Student Activities Council, Program Council Posters

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Box 1



Paintings by Mi Young Lee. Poster and Pin. 1986

To the Students of the University of South Dakota with Best Wishes from the Crew of Sky Lab I. September 19, 1973. Signed by Charles Conrad, Paul Weitz and Joseph Kerwin

Strollers ’86 for the time of your LIFE. Pin


Posters 1979-1981

Barry Drake

Warren and Hart

Toby Moffet. Proposals to Solve our Energy Problems

The Cord-on-Blues. Jazz Performance

Scott Keely. One Man Show. “Goodnight, Mr. Poe”

Michael Johnson

Midwestern Images. Photography Competition

Jody Powell. Former Presidential Press Secretary Speaking on the White House and the Press

Summer Film Classics Schedule

Fall Films Schedule 1981

Jim Ryun. Distance Runner

2nd Annual Gold Bar Run


Posters 1981-1982

Dakota Days. Calendar of Events.

Williams and Ree. Comedy Team

Keep on Cooking! New Ideas & Recipes for the Holidays!

James Dal Davidson. Reaganomics: Will it Work?

Program Council. Trust us

Spring Films 1982

Michael Johnson

Ski Terry Peak

Burton and Tapper

Shanachie. An Irish Storyteller

Musica Antiqua


Posters 1981-1982

Mark Smith

The Difference: We Make It?

Dakota Dome Sports Spectacular. A Benefit for Special Olympics

The New American Ragtime Ensemble

The First Annual Open Stage

Condor. Get Funky with Fusion Jazz

Dr. Richard L. Bowen. The Last Chance Lecture

Fall 1982 Mini-Courses

The University of South Dakota Centennial Celebration

The 3rd Annual Gold Bar Run. Dakota Days Celebration Kick-Off Event


Posters 1982-1984

Sioux City Symphony Orchestra

The Spring Film Series

The Ko-Thi Dance Company

The Teddy Wilson Trio. Jazz

Jammers. The Professional Frisbee Team. Spring Out

Mike Roche. The Last Chance Lecture

I Saw the Wind. A Wilderness Concert

The Fall Film Series

Dakota Days. A Hat Full of Surprises

Activities Calendar. January and February 1983

Activities Calendar. March-May

Reel Entertainment. 1984 Spring Film Schedule

Essential Cinema


Flamin’ oh’s

Micah and Laura Mime Theater


Posters 1984

Tom Deluca

South Padre Island

The David Grisman Quartet

Dr. Jerry Rosenberg. Computers & the Invasion of Privacy

Tim Settimi. Just Foolin’

Michael Johnson

Spring Fest ’84. Bosco and Hines, Chris Johnson, Synthetic Flights and Doc Severinson

Synthetic Flights. Frisbee Demonstration and Clinic

Doc Severinsen & Xebron

Dean John Day. Last Chance Lecture


Posters 1984-1985

Watermelon Feed. Limited Warranty

Two Hour Comedy Show

Activities Fair

John Boyley

Kinetic Designs

Ike Pappas. CBS National Correspondent Reporting the 1984 Presidential Election

Dakota Days. Experience the Tradition!

Brian Begley & Mary Inman. An Original Mime-O-Drama. “What a Way to Surrender”

Des Moines Ballet. The Nutcracker Suite

Mendelssohn String Quartet

B.B. King. “King of the Blues.” With Big Twist and The Mellow Fellows!


Posters 1985-1986

Col. Charles W. Scott. Former Iranian Hostage. “What’s Right about America?”

Veronica Alcock. St. Paddy’s Day Celebration

Midwestern Images. Photography Competition

Essential Cinema Fall Schedule

The Second City

Glenn Miller Orchestra

Halloween Special. Three Stephen King Films

John Hasse. Ragtime

CSC Your Favorite 20 Year Old. You are invited to a Party

Dan Moldea. A Lecture. “Organized Crime in America”


Posters 1986

Coyote Student Center Program Council Calendar. March 1986

Midwestern Images. Juried Photography Exhibition

1st Annual Country Crafts Fair

Paintings by Mi Young Lee

Andrew Killgore. Former U.S. Ambassador. “Terrorism in the Middle East”

Mr. B.

Slice. The Last Bash!

Volley Ball Tournament. The Last Bash!

Barbecue. The Last Bash!

North Carolina Dance Theatre

The Butch Thompson Trio

Dr. Donna Davis. Last Chance Lecture. “Reassessing the Legacy of Margaret Mead”


Posters Not Dated

Taste the Good Life. Health Foods

Chord on Blues. Ice Cream Social

Magi. Progressive Jazz. The Watermelon Feed

Patio Parties

Summer Events


Posters Not Dated

Midwestern Images Photo Competition Recognition

Resume Writing

The Golden Age of Comedy

Question Four

Program Council Committee Chairman Applications

Have a say in USD Programming

CSC Art Gallery

Arts! Coyote Student Center Art Gallery



Program Council Publications



Box 2


Posters 1979-1985

Atlanta Rhythm Section

Dakota Days ’79. Calendar of Events. Cartoons Come Alive

USD Dakota Days. Calendar of Events. A Hat Full of Surprises

Jeff Greenfield. A political and Media Analyst for ABC News. “Politics and the Media”

1984 Summer Activities

Larry Coryell. Jazz-Rock Fusion

Des Moines Ballet. The Nutcracker Suite

Pat Gross. Pat as the World Turns

Scott Hansen. Comedian

D-Days ’85. The Main Event

The Wallets. Halloween Masquerade Ball



Box 3


Pamphlets, Flyers, Programs 1976-1982

Pamphlets, Flyers, Programs 1981-1982

Pamphlets, Flyers, Programs 1982

Pamphlets, Flyers, Programs 1982-1983

Pamphlets, Flyers, Programs 1983-1984

Pamphlets, Flyers, Programs 1984

Pamphlets, Flyers, Programs 1985

Pamphlets, Flyers, Programs 1986

Pamphlets, Flyers, Programs 1990-1992

Pamphlets, Flyers, Programs 1995

Pamphlets, Flyers, Programs n.d.

Pamphlets, Flyers, Programs. Annual Leadership Recognition Reception 2005-2009

Program Council Events List 1974-1986

Digest of Program Council Activities 1977-1978

Program Council Activities Digest 1979-1980

Program Council Activities Digest 1980-1986

Calendar of Events

Programming Calendar for the 1980-1981 Season

University of South Dakota Centennial Calendar 1982-1983.

University of South Dakota Calendar of Events. August 20, 1986. 3 copies

University of South Dakota Calendar of Events. November 26, 1986


Joe Steffan. “Military Discrimination against Gays”

Faye Wattleton. Planned Parenthood



Box 4


Posters 1980-1989

Program Council Report 1980-81. Coyote Student Center

Minnesota Orchestra. Neville Marriner, Music Director. Henry Charles Smith, Conducting

The University of South Dakota, Coyote Student Center. November and December 1982 Calendar

Dakota Days 1982 Calendar of Events.

Video Games Tournament

Activities Calendar. January and February 1983

Ike Pappas. CBS National Correspondent reporting the 1984 Presidential Election

Reel Entertainment. 1984

1985 Spring Film Schedule

Macbeth. National Shakespeare Company. 1985

CSC Your Favorite 20 Year Old. You Are Invited to a Party. 1986

The Romantics. 1986

Williams and Ree. 1986

Oakland Ballet. Ronn Guidi, Director. 1986

Paintings by Mi Young Lee. 1986

Sheet Music of WWI. A Display of WWI memorabilia from the collections of the Shrine to Music Museum

The Last Bash! Slice. 1986

Paint the Town Red! USD Dakota Days. Special Events. 1986

Exhibition of Paintings by Kairong Liu. 1986

The Convertibles. 1986

Last Chance Lecture. “Reassessing the Legacy of Margaret Mead”. Dr. Dona Davis, USD Anthropology Department. 1986

Eddy Strange. 1987

“Save Tonight for Me”. A New Chuck Mangione Concert. 1987

Dith Pran. Living in “The Killing Fields”. 1987

The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. 1987

USD Vermillion Concert Series 40th Anniversary Season

The Last Chance Lecture. Dale Clement, Dean of the Business School. 1987

Mystic 1987

Fall 1988 Film Schedule

Jenifer Lewis. “From Billie to Lena with Jenifer”. 1988

Top Brass. 1988

Do’A World Music Ensemble. 1988

Bettina Gregory, ABC News Senior Correspondent. “Journalism: Is the First Amendment in trouble?” 1988

Journalist Ellen Rosenberg. “Beginning Life 101. September 7, 1988

Jim Wand. Master Hypnotist. 1988

Comedian Hornby K. Fletcher. “Nucleus of Nerdity”. 1988

Josheph E. Lowery. In Recognition of Martin Luther King Day.1989

College Bowl. 1989

Adrian Kronauer. Good Morning Vietnam. 1989

Cathy Rigby. Going for the Gold. Keynote speaker for the 1989 Women’s Research Conference

Rockfest. 1989

Sarah Weddington. Implications of Roe vs. Wade. 1989

The Johnny Holm Band. Appearing for Dakota Days. 1989

Johnny Holm and The traveling Fun Show

Austin on Tap. Dance Theatre. 1989

Win, Lose, or Draw Tournament. 1989

1989-1990 Film Schedule


Posters 1990

Performing Arts Series. 1989-1990 Season

Graduate Assistantships in the Student Activities Center

Table Tennis Tournament. 1990

College Bowl. 1990

Dumisani Kumalo. Apartheid, South Africa’s Freedom Struggle.

Native American Tiospaye Drum Group. 1990

Bao Dao. Chinese Acrobats, Dancers Musicians & Magicians. Program. 1990

Bao Dao. Chinese Acrobats, Dancers Musicians & Magicians. Poster. 1990

“Feminization of Power”. Ellie Smeal – Keynote Speaker for The Women’s Research Conference. 1990

Suzanne Somers. Speaks on being an adult child of an alcoholic.

Rockfest. 1990

Earth Day 1990. Sierra Club Speaker

Performing Arts Series. 1990-1991 Season.

David Orion, Comedian. 1990

Laura X. When a Woman Says NO, It’s Rape: The social, legal, political, psychological, historical & economic meaning of Date/Marital Rape

USD Outdoor Recreation Program. Fall Semester 1990

1990 Summer Activities Program


Posters 1991-1992

James Farmer. “A Living history of America’s Civil Rights


USD Outdoor Recreation Program. Spring Semester

USD Reconciliation Committee, Coffee House

Wilma Mankiller, Cherokee Nation Chief. “Moving In, Taking Over: Women and Politics”

Rockfest 1991.

Dale Van Atta. Scandals, Scoundrels & Saints. “The Calm after Desert Storm

Earth Week Schedule

Bobcat Goldthwait

Melor Sturua. “After the Coup…Will the Soviet Union Survive?”

Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration

Shirley Chisholm. “The King Legacy: A Vision for America, A Program for the World, A Philosophy for Today”

Positions Available in 1992

Performing Arts Series, 1991-1992 Season

Suzan Shown Harjo. “The Role of Native Americans Following Columbus”

Health Fair

The 20th Annual Cultural Awareness Days and Wacipi. Program flyer.

The 20th Annual Cultural Awareness Days and Wacipi.Winyan Ki Wicagluonihan Wacipi. Honoring All Women

Rockkfest 1992

“It Will Never Happen to Me”. Everything you ever needed to know to help prevent and deal with rape

Jake Johannsen and Shawn Wayans. A Night of Comedy

Jim Marrs. Crossfire: The Plot that Killed Kennedy

Ski Mount Kata


Posters 1993

College Bowl

Maya Angelou. In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Ally Acker. “Reel Women”. Pioneers of the Cinema 1890-the Present

Paul Gerni. World Champion Pool Shooter. “The Ambassador of Pool”

Robert Hastings. “UFOs – The Hidden History”

Mud Bathalon. Mud Volleyball and Mud Tug-of-War

Rockfest 1993

St. Jude’s Video Game Tournament

Kathleen Foltz. Jewelry of the World

Student Activities Center. 1993 Summer Program Schedule.

Minnesota Renaissance Festival

John Densmore. “Riding on the Storm: The Doors, The Sixties, and Now”

Steven Wright. Dakota Days Comedy Show

Kevin Loftus. Kung Fu Demonstration and Participation

Rape Awareness Week. Keynote Speaker: Jackson Katz

Jewelry and Sweater Sale

The Legend of the Chinese Acrobats. A One- Hour Action Play directed by Danny Chang


Posters 1994

College Bowl

“Get Your Ducks in a Row”. Positions Open.

So, You Think you’re Funny? Well Prove It. Amateur Comedy Night.

Four Weddings and a Funeral. A showing of the Film

Harry “Hooks” Swets. “Homelessness in America”

White Eagle. Opera Singer. Aids Benefit Variety Show

Omaha Magic Theatre. “Sound Fields: Are We Hear”

Dr. James Fox. Serial Killers & Mass Murderers. America’s Growing Menace

Novelty Ties for Sale

Stress Relief Week Schedule

Rockfest 1994

Student Activities Center. 1994 Summer Program Schedule.

Grapevine Wreath Making Workshop

Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. Press Sheet

Dave. A showing of the Film

Joslyn Art Museum trip. “Laura Gilpin: Photographs of the Southwest”

Dough Art

Basket Making Workshop

Bicycle Repair Workshop

Marbleizing Stationary Workshop

Rock Climbing Expedition

Canoe Trip

Become Certified in CPR

An Evening of Music with the Dakota String Quartet. Program flyer

College Bowl

Blind Man’s Bluff a Cappella Rock

Schindler’s List

Zev Kedem. Schindler’s List: a Survivor Celebrates Life


Posters 1995

Adopt-A-Grandparent Informational Meetings

Johnny Clueless. Welcome Back to School Dance

Fraternity Forum. Kick off to Spring

Ski Mankato

Keith Eric and Waterhouse. Sounds of Jamaica

Toby Kid with special guest Seth Buchwald. Charlie’s After Dark Comedy Night

Rockfest 1995. Indigo Girl

Janet McLaughlin. Acoustic rock artist

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. “Our Environmental Destiny”

Tasla Valenza. “Desperate Attempts: Eating Disorders, Society & Women”

Kathleen Foltz. The Sweater Lady

Gary Wick. Ventriloquist

Big Pal/Little Pal. Informational Meetings

Student Activities Fair

Adopt-A-School. Informational Meetings

Dakota Days ’95. Schedule of Events. “Beach Party USD”

Kevin Nealon. With special guest The Cartwright Brothers

Adrian Kronauer. Good Morning Vietnam. “Military and the Media

Terry Anderson. Author of Den of Lions. Former Mideast Hostage for Seven Years


One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Jim Petersen. “Sex in the 90’s”

The Nutcracker. David Taylor Dance Theatre

Charlie Wiener and Mike Preston. Comedy Night


Posters 1996

Scott Novotny, Comedian

Judy Croon with Special Guest Marc Sanford. Comedy Night

Learn to Walk Backwards! Join the Coyote Orientation Team!

Get a Free Red Shirts! Join the Coyote Orientation Team!

Steve Baird with Special Guest Pat Simson. Comedy Night

Veronica Alcock. St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

Rob Paravonian. Comedy and Music

Heath Fair

Don Reese and Mark Matusaf. Comedy Night

African – Souk – Soukous – Reggde

Squirrel Nut Zippers

Bandfest. The harvesters and Mojo Revue

Greek Rush 1996. Men’s Rush Week Activities.

Matt Reidy and Kelly Williams. D-Days Comedy Night

Judi O’Connell. Jitterbug and Line Dancing Lessons

Al Carpenter and Jenny McNulty. Comedy Night

Dr. Raymond McNally. “In Search of Dracula”. Halloween Extravaganza

Opera Omaha. Mozart’s “Cosi fan tutte”

College Bowl

Kiddie Krafts

Ni Nokomis Zagayug (My Grandmother’s Love). The Ogitchidag Gikinooamaagad Players

Dakota String Quartet


Posters 1997

The Skyforce. 1996 CBA Champions

Greg Fitzsimmons Master of Ceremonies. Amateur Comedy Night

Cake Decorating Lessons

William Cane. Author of “The Art of Kissing”

Dinner Theatre with Ye Olde Comedy Shoppe

John Pinney. Amateur Comedy Night

Dr. Betty Shabazz. Widow of Malcolm X

Dr. Betty Shabazz. Widow of Malcolm X

Saba. “Breeze of the East”. Ensemble of Folk and Contemporary Music of Central Eurasia

Jesse Conner. Hypnotist

Katie Koestner. Date Rape

Become Certified in CPR

Violent Femmes

Shelly Besler. Acoustic Guitarist

Don Reese and Mike Stankiewicz. Comedians

Robert Ressler. “Serial Killers, Sexual Violence and the criminal Mind

Scott Keely. Goodnight, Mr. Poe

Randy Sabien. Jazz Violinist and the Fiddlehead Blues Band

Elliot Threatt and Dave Mordal. Comedians

College Bowl

Pianist/Composer Steven Marq. Piano Concert and Fundraiser for the Children’s Miracle Network

Billy Mills. Olympian

Craig Karges. Illusionist


Posters 1998

Men’s Spring Greek Rush ’98 Activities

Director Susana di Palma. Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre. “The Soul of Flamenco – Defiance

Starring Lewis G. Tucker. Directed by Philip E.Walker. The African American Drama Co. “Can I Sing for You Brother?”

Diversity Week

Sandi Fremont Lucas. “Spying for the CIA: A Woman in a Man’s World

Brainwaves. Improvisational Comedy

Greek Week ’98

Colin Powell. Civil Leadership in the 21st Century


Rockfest ’98. Big Head Todd & the Monsters and the Jayhawks.

Slante Celtic Band

Dave Rudolf (a writer for Disney). Dave’s Kid’s Show

Free Midnight Bowling

Fall Films Schedule

SFC Frank Duran. Self-Defense

Robert Hastings. “UFO’s: The Hidden History

Dallas Chief Eagle Hoop Dancer

College Bowl

Motions Poets. Jazz Band

Hustler Weekend. The People vs. Larry Flynt vs. Tonya Flynt-Vega

Paul Taylor. Music of the Australian Aboriginal Didjeridoo and Stories from Down Under

Shawn Colvin with Billy McLaughlin

Nebraska Brass Holiday Music


Posters – Year Unknown. 80’s and 90’s Best Guess

Internships with Mark Oldman

Bud Andersen and Chris Smith. Charlie’s After Dark

Mojo Revue. Local Band

Adopt-A-Grandparent. Informational Meetings

Advertisement to apply for Program Council Chair Positions

Vince Champ, Ted Holum and Aaron Gnirk. Comedy Triple Play

Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday Celebration Schedule of Events

Spring Film Schedule

Tonic Sol Fa. A Cappella Sensation.

Greg Fitzsimmons Master of Ceremonies. Amateur Comedy Night.

Dan Moldea. “Organized Crime in America”.

John Stockwell. “Secret Wars of the C.I.A.: Vietnam to Nicaragua”

A play based on the short story by Susan Sontag. “Aids: The Way We Live Now”

Col. Charles W. Scott. Former Iranian Hostage. “What’s Right About America”

Spend an Afternoon with Eddie Murphy. A showing of three films

Spring Semester Movie Schedule

Akira Kurosawa. “Dreams”

Ed Wood. Movie

S. L. Martin. “Last Chance Lecture”

Jeff Cesario. Comedian.

Andrew Killgore. Former U.S. Ambassador. “Terrorism in the Middle East

Tim Settimi. Just foolin’

Susan Wolfe. Last Chance Lecture

An Officer and a Gentlemen. Spring Out. Prentis Park

Doc Severinsen and Xebron

Ken Mattingly. Apollo and Space Shuttle Astronaut

Apple River, Somerset, Wisconsin Weekend Outing

Alex Cole. Comedian. Roadwork Tour

John Bayley. Musician

Health Fair

Randy Sabien. Jazz Trio

Dr. Joseph Cash. Class Music 434. The Hollywood Musical

Patrick Spring and Mike Stankiewitz. Comedy Night

Recreation Committee Schedule of Events. Fall Semester

Recreation Committee Schedule of Events. Spring Semester

Japanese Music and Dance

The Wallets. Halloween Masquerade Ball

The Films of Ingmar Bergman. Schedule

G. Gordon Liddy. “Government: Public Perception vs. Reality

Alfred Hitchcock Film Festival

Rock n’ Bowl. Yankton Bowl

Mike Veneman and Jackie Kashain. Comedy Night

Meadowlark Lemon. Bucketeers vs. California Coasters

Open Mic Night at Charlie’s

Judi O’Connell. Country Line Dancing and Jitterbug

Toy Story. Movie showing at Charlie’s

Shelly Besler. Acoustic Guitarist

Ice Cream Social. Live Entertainment by Johnson and Henjum

Watermelon Feed. Featuring: Limited Warranty

CSC Outing Center. Camping and Recreational Equipment Rental

CSC (Coyote Student Center) Film Series. Fall Schedule

Barnum: The Three-ring Circus Musical

Fun Flicks. Totally Interactive Video

Tommy, The Who’s

The Mixed Blood Theatre Company “Dedicated to the Spirit of Dr. King’s Dream” presents Daughter of Africa by Syl Jones

Brad Stine. Comedian

Diamond Rio



Box 5


Posters 1999

Film Schedule for spring ’99

Tim Young. Comedy Night

John Smith. Songwriter and Singer

Program Council Chair Positions Informational Meetings

A Remembrance of Martin Luther King, Jr. performed by Jim Lucas. “Keeper of the Dream. Black History Month

Diversity Week.

Great Bear Ski Trip

Hockey Trip

Black Experience on Film. Film Schedule.

The American Beauty Myth

Student Association Elections

President Gerald Ford. “The President as Leader: Problems in Contemporary Presidential Congressional Relations”

Corky Siegel. Chamber Blues

Ninth Annual Leadership Recognition Reception Program

Student Activities Fair

Cedric Liqueur. Two One-Man Performances. Macbeth: A Tragedy and Salome

Beth Wood. Singer

Dr. Richard Mohr and Dr. Robert Grant. Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Warren Faidley. Storm Chaser

Greek Leadership Awards Ceremony Program

Greek Rush

Go Yotes. Wear Red

Dakota Days Events Schedule

Make a Difference Day. Letter


Posters 2000

Program Council Chair Positions Informational Meetings

USDefrost 2000. Series of Events

Arthur Flowers. “Celebrating Cultural Diversity

Diversity Week Schedule

Mathew West. Singer Songwriter

Handwriting Analysis

Chicago the Musical. Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls

Tom Osborne. “More Than Winning”

Isaac Vogel and Mike Powell. “Poets and Slaves”


Dave Rudolf. Disney Songwriter

Student Activities Fair

Join SERVE. Informational Meetings

Bowl-A-Thon Fundraiser

College Bowl

Isaac Vogel Live

Fall 2000 Movie Schedule

Todd Green. Multi-Instrumentalist

Greek Leadership Program Flyer

Greek Fall Recruitment 2000

USD Dakota Days 2000. Discover the Treasures.

USD Dakota Days 2000. Discover the Treasures. Events Schedule.

Murder Mystery Dinner.

Celebrate Vermillion. Families Ringing in the New Year


Posters 2001

Program Council Chair Positions Informational Meetings

Phillip Mentor. Musical Performance. “History of Black Spiritual Music”

Tim Poppen. Life in Haiti

Diversity Week

Timothy Heaton. “Excavating with Dr. Heaton”

Mitchell Olson. CBS’s Survivor on Campus

Chicago the Musical. Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls

Caroline’s Spine. Opening Acts: Smokin’ Jay and Bliss 66. Street Dance

Red Alert. Wear Red Every Friday

Jazz Unlimited. Featuring Mike Lee

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Bookmark

Iris DeMent. Acoustic Guitarist

Dr. Nigel M. De S. Cameron vs. Dr. Gregory Pence. Cloning Debate

Fall 2001 Movie Schedule

Poetry Reading

Nutcracker Ballet

Dance Marathon

Fall Greek Recruitment.

Dakota Days 2001. Drawing by Barbara Baker

Dakota Days 2001. Universe USD

Celebrate Vermillion. Families Ringing in the New Year


Poster 2002

Frisbee Golf and Coconut Bowling

USDefrost 2002. Series of Events

USD Children’s Miracle Network Dance Marathon!

Spring 2002 Movie Schedule

S.H.E.D. Students for Higher Education Days in Pierre, South Dakota

The History of Gospel Music. The Voices of Victory Mass Choir of the Salem Baptist Church from Omaha. Directed by Jay Ferrell and Featuring Jim Clark

Kathy Antonen and Martin Busch. “A Story of the Land during the Dirty 30’s”

Brent Scarpo. Stories of Compassion and Hope. Journey to a Hate Free Millennium. A Documentary Film

Nancy Tystad Koupal. Woman Suffrage and Prairie Politics in the Works of L. Frank Baum

Rockfest 2002. Better than Ezra and Iffy

Grocery Bingo

Join SERVE. Informational Meetings

Special Edition Volante. Terrorism Brings Hell Home. September 12, 2001.

9-11: A Year Later. Memorial Service and Campus Forum


The Sweater Lady

A Lot Can Happen After Hours


Sorority and Fraternity Recruitment Week

2002 Fall Recruitment

Dakota Days 2002 Winner. Poster, sketch and lottery scratch ticket

Dakota Days 2002. Coyotes Hit Vegas!

Celebrate Vermillion. Families Ringing in the New Year.


Poster 2003

Want to Get Involved? Join Program Council at the U.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Committee Events for 2003.

Rent. Broadway Musical

Robert Strong. Comedian

Comedy Improv. Mission Improvable Chicago

David Horowitz: Why the Left Hates America

Counting Crows in Concert

Counting Crows Concert Cancellation.

Marcoux Corner. A Cappella, Covering 5 Decades of Music

The Wedding Show

Craig Carmean. Comedian

Sex Signals

Rachel Simmons. Author of Odd Girl Out. “The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls”

SERVE. Make-A-Difference Day Bowl-A-Thon

Ulrike Busching and Michael Luick-Thrams. Germany: Life in Post-Reunification

Dance Marathon is seeking their 2004 Executive Committee.

1st Annual Winter Student Activities Fair

ACUI Region 10 Conference. Little Union on the Prairie

ACUI Region 10 Conference. Little Union on the Prairie. Program

Greek Leadership Awards Ceremony. Program

Greek Life

Dakota Days 2003. Sketches.

Dakota Days 2003. Celebrate U. What’s your Song?

Celebrate Vermillion. Families Ringing in the New Year



Box 6


Posters 2004

U. Brrrr!

Kevin Powell. Activism 2000: Developing Leadership for the 21st Century

Howie Day

Howie Day

Outcast! Game Show

Senior Salute

34th Annual Wacipi

Steve Russell. Comic Juggler

CultureFest 2004

Overnight Camping/Kayak Trip

Steve Caouette. Comedy, Improv, Impression

Thornbird. Dakota Days Free Concert

Marcoux Corner Acappella

Evan Wright talks about: Generation Kill

A Lot Can Happen After Hours

Plan the Perfect Wedding!

Incubus with The Music in Concert

Pool Tournament at Cosmoz

Board of Regents Welcome

Greek Leadership Awards Ceremony Program

Famous People Go Greek.

Asia. Drawing by SAE Student Steve Buechler.

Dakota Days 2004. Oh, the Places U.’ll Go!

Celebrate Vermillion. Families Ringing in the New Year


Posters 2005

Black Eagle. Ronald McNair and the Space Shuttle Challenger

Monica Eby Live in Concert

USDefrost. Hula U.

Mitchell Olson, Nancy Witter and Ron Poole. New York Comedy Revue

SERVE Seeking Chairpersons for the 2006-2007 Academic Year

Victor Garo. 26 Years Justice Denied! Pro bono work as an attorney for Joe Salvati

Apply Today! Student Activities Center Graduate Assistantship

April Fools Bash

Goodroad Quartus. CD release show

Jay Jonas: FDNY Battalion Chief. “The Miracle of Ladder Co. 6”

Cedric Liqueur. Two One Man Performances

Open Mic Night

The Hopefuls. Opening act: Quartus

Corky Siegel’s Traveling Chamber Blues Show!

Day at the Fair. The Rocking Chair Years

Scratch Track

The Ultimate Wedding. Plan the Perfect Wedding

College Bowl

Blues Traveler and Carbon Lear in Concert

Greek Leadership Awards Ceremony. Program

Fact of Fiction. The Truth about Greek Life

Diversity Days

Dakota Days 2005. Are you a Hero?

Celebrate Vermillion. Families Ringing in the New Year


Posters 2006

Fred D. Gray. The 2006 Martin Luther King, Jr. Lecture

Christopher Carter. Freakout Artist Messes with your Mind

U. Native Culturefest

John Trudell and Bad Dog. Outdoor Concert

Nessie Godin. Holocaust Survivor

David Garibaldi Rhythm and Hue

2006 Student Activity Fair

Motion City Sound Track. Openers: “June” and “The Dog and usd d

Dengue Fever. Cambodian Rock

Diversity Days Fall 2006

Robert Hastings. “UFOs: The Hidden History”

Sky Diving

Poetry by Bruce Roseland from his book “The Last Buffalo”

Crash this Wedding Show!

Greg Fitzsimmons. Comedian

Matthew Mayer. Sola Piano

Community Supper Honoring our Veterans

Kill the Vulture and Askeleton. Two Bands Open Mike’s

Going Greek. USD Sorority & Fraternity Recruitment Week

Going Greek

Let’s Get Medieval on their Ass! Drawing by Steve Buechler

Dakota Day 2006. A Medieval Clash from the Past

Celebrate Vermillion. Families Ringing in the New Year


Posters 2007

Talent Search

USDefrost ’07. Midwinter Meltdown

Damali Ayo. Are you Ready to Fix Racism?

Owen Smith. Bringin’ Comedy to the People. 2nd Annual Admissions Overnight

The Price is Right USD Game Show. 2nd Annual Admissions Overnight

Wayne Hoffman. Mentalist and Illusionist. 2nd Annual Admissions Overnight

35th Annual USD Wacipi. “Sweatlodge/Honoring Mother Earth”

35th Annual USD Wacipi. “Honoring Mother Earth”

Safari Dance Marathon ‘07

Wine Tasting

Seventeenth Annual Leadership Recognition Reception Program

Sac Fair (Student Activities Center)

Sorority Recruitment

Sorority Recruitment. Schedule of Events

SERVE. Students Enhancing Resources for Vermillion Enrichment

Crocs Next Step Campus Tour. Featuring Guster and Brett Dennen

David Coleman. The Dating Doctor.

Steven Hesla. Pianist

College Bowl

Catch a Falling Star Wedding Show

Greek Leadership Awards Ceremony. Program

Life’s a Beach

Life’s a Beach. Chair Interviews

Dakota Days 2007. Life’s a Beach

Celebrate Vermillion. Families Ringing in the New Year


Posters 2008

Advertisement to apply for Program Council Chair Positions

Valentine Rendezvous Dance

USDefrost 2008

The Golden Bubbles

Socratic. And Local Opener, The Kickback

Phyllis Cole-Dai. Co-author of “The Emptiness of our Hands: a Lent on the Street”

While you Were Gone this Summer, some Exciting Things Happened

2008 SAC Fair (Student Activities Council)


Meet Program Council Night

Program Council Positions Available

Tidy Dillard. Comedian

2008 Sorority Recruitment Schedule of Events

A Night in Paradise Wedding Show

Carlos Alazraqui and Cedric Yarbrough. Comedians

4th Annual Community Supper Honoring our Veterans

The Art of Kissing

After Hours Game Show Night

Greek Leadership Awards Ceremony Program

Be Greek

Dakota Days 2008. USD in HD

Dakota Days 2008. USD in HD. Events Schedule

Celebrate Vermillion. Families Ringing in the New Year


Posters 2009 spring

Valentine’s Week

Snow Days 2009. Maui Madness OUT OF ORDER

Greek Graduate Assistantships

Go Red 2009

Grand Opening




Ben Kramer. Muenster University Center Student Grand Opening

Elliot Graber. Muenster University Center Student Grand Opening

Jami Lynn Buttke. Muenster University Center Student Grand Opening

Through the Years. USD Student Union Directors

Student Center Grand Opening! Stickers, Invitation

Pete Good

Sorority Recruitment 2009. Spring Open House

Justin Berkman Comedian

U. 37th Annual Wacipi. Remember out Past While Strengthening our Future

Midwest Dilemma with opener John Goraj

So You Think You Can Rock? Game Night

Mohammed Bilal. “Have you Ever Been Misunderstood due to Cultural Difference? With People from Different Cultures?”

Quiet Drive with opener Into Arcadia

Earth Day

Dance Marathon T-shirt proofs

Muenster University Center. Information Desk

Muenster University Center. Student Activities Center

Weekly Happenings

March 24-28

March 30-April 3

April 6-9

April 14-18

April 20-23

April 27-May 1

Leadership Recognition Reception. Bookmark, Invitation


Posters 2009 Fall

2009 SAC Fair AUGUST 31

Ember Schrag. Lincoln, NE based Singer-Songwriter

NFL Sunday Ticket at the MUC

August/September Events 2009

2009 Sorority Recruitment Events Schedule

Ziv. Live Music

Late Night Yotes

SERVE. Students Enhancing Resources for Vermillion Enrichment

Buzz Time. Games and Sports Trivia

Students! You could win to attend the Coyote Football Game at Montana State

Dakota Days 2009 Logo. Treasure the Tradition

Dakota Days 2009. Schedule of Events. Treasure the Tradition

Dakota Days Schedule of Events

Dakota Days 2009. Treasure the Tradition

Dakota Days 2009. Treasure the Tradition. Flyer

Dakota Days 2009. Treasure the Tradition. Thank You Card

Dakota Days 2009. Design for the Back Side of Committee Jackets

Dakota Days 2009. Vermillion, SD



Treasure the Tradition. Sketch

Treasure the Tradition. Sketch and Flyer

Treasure the Tradition


Dakota Days. Parade Day

Treasure the Tradition. Sketch

Dakota Days 2009. Vermillion, SD

Greek Life at USD

Health and Wellness Fair

Welcome to the U!

A Night in Paradise Wedding Show

5th Annual Community Supper Honoring our Veterans

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Informational Meeting

Inpulse. A Cappella Vocal Band


Posters 2010

Program Council Special Events

Is There a Meal Plan Better Suited to your Needs?

We Have It! Movies at the MUC. NFL at the MUC

NFL Sunday Ticket

Super Bowl Bash. New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts

American Idol

SERVE. T-Shirt Design.

Orientation Team Leader Applications

Lydia with Avian Sunrise and Jamestown Story

VLP Poetry Festival

Gabriela Garcia Medina Poet

Movies at the MUC

March Madness. Meet, Greet & Eat with Student Services Staff

Go Greek

Go Greek Spring Recruitment 2010. Flyer

Go Greek Spring Recruitment 2010

Buzztime League

Buzztime Trivia Schedule

U. 38th Annual Wacipi. Program

Tiospaye. Native American Student Association. Thank You Card

U. 38th Annual Wacipi

Reid Baxter and John Michels. Comedy Night

Dance Marathon Passport

Dance Marathon T-Shirt Designs. Oh the Places you’ll go

Twentieth Annual Leadership Recognition Reception. Program

Leadership Recognition 2010. Bookmark

20th Annual Leadership Recognition Dessert Reception Invitation

Robert Hastings. “UFOs: The Secret History”

2010 Greek Awards Ceremony Program

2010 Greek Awards Ceremony Invitation

Girls Night In

USD Earth Day

Coyote Idols Competition

Late Night Breakfast

Need a Break? Events Schedule

Business After Hours

Nikki’s Fund 5k Run for Suicide Prevention. Root Beer Floats $2

Nikki’s Fund 5k Run for Suicide Prevention. Map

Nikki’s Fund 5k Run/Walk


Bike it to Class

Bike it to the River

Bike it for Exercise

Bike it for Food

Logos. Greek Life, Dance Marathon, Late Night Yotes, Program Council, Dakota Days, SERVE





















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