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Clay County Schools

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Contents List

Box 1



Bliss, Elvira, 1939-1971



n.d. (2 items)

County Auditor, Esther Girard 1969, Dec. 23 (2 items)

Collins, E.E., 1895-1898


Bridgman, L.B.

1895, Mar. 8

Tilton, H.G.

1895, Dec. 21


Hart, Mr. and Mrs. McMunigal

1906, Aug. 13


1905, Sept. 7

Young, William

1906, July 19

Cope, Alice


School Officer

1926, Aug. 30

1933, May 31

Kahl, Charles N.,1888-1895


Byrensen (?), Ole

1893, Dec. 16

Gill, Matthew

1893, Feb. 25

Hundley (?), J.A.

1894, Feb. 10

Johnson, John O.


Pinkham, G.L.

1918, Feb. 8

Slattery, William

1893, July 24

Vinton, H.H. (4 items)



Vinton, H.H.



From Dye, Eugene A. to County Superintendents 1888, Jan.24

From Miller, Robert to School Administrators 1971, Mar. 17

From Pinkham, Gilbert L. to County Superintendents 1890, Aug. 20

From Salmon, Cortez (?) to County Superintendents 1898, July17

From Watson, William to County Superintendent of Schools 1894, Dec. 31


Box 1 cont.

LEDGER BOOKS (3 folders)

Description of School Districts, 1862

Minutes of Clay County Teachers Association Meeting, 1896-1916

Superintendent Book, 1872-1876


MANUSCRIPTS (5 folders)

Barkley, Orville Meckling, SD

Complete List of School Lands

Games Notebook (2 folders)

Sale Book of 1891 School Lands


PHOTOGRAPHS (4 folders)

8th Grade Graduations, 1896-1969 (30 photos)

Activity Pictures, 1900-1955

Children in front of School House circa 1900

Clay County Activities, 1939-1942 (14 photos)

Float Pictures, 1954-1955 (6 photos)

Ireland District 5, n.d.

School Room, n.d. (3 photos)

YCL Pictures

Candle Lighting Service

Newdale District 43, 1945-1946

Spring Hill District 2, 1948

Clay County Convention, 1950

Lincoln District 12, 1953

Frog Creek District 34, 1957

District 54, 1958

District 18, 1959

Unidentified, n.d. (2 photos)

Clay County Courthouse, ca. 1935-1945 (includes pencil sketch of courthouse)

State Convention

10th Annual Convention

12th Annual Convention, 1938

20th Annual Convention, 1949


Undated Convention




Crist, Raymond F., Student’s Textbook

The Goal of May Day A Year-round Program

The Gross Income Tax Law of South Dakota issues by Division of Taxation

How to Organize and Conduct a Chapter of The Young Citizens League

Building Contracts, 1924, Dist. # 3, Norway, 2 copies

Census, District #21, Elmwood, 1931


Box 1, cont.



Clay County Public Schools Diploma Blanks (2 copies)

Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Group, 1958, June 20

Save the Children Federation, 1959, Jan.

Save the Children Federation Award, 1953, Mar. and n.d.

Teachers Certificate Clay County South Dakota Blank

United States Treasury Award, 1957, Jan. 25

United States Treasury Department, 1946, Jan. 16



Financial Records, Dist. #21, Elmwood

Legal Papers, Abandoned School Site, 1934-1935, Dist. No. 3, Norway

Miscellaneous (2 folders)

Collins, E.E., “An Open Letter”

Indihar, Betty. The Pioneer Princess, “Musicplay adaptation from ‘Courage Leads the Way,’ by Doris Gates”

Pickeler, Hon. J.A., Speech of Hon. J.A. Pickeler of South Dakota, 1890, Feb. 18

Our Times An American Education Publication v.31 no.22 1967, Mar. 8

South Dakota Educational Association Annual Session Program, 1889, Dec. 26-28

“The Story of the Christmas Seal” from the National Tuberculosis Association

Young Citizens League Convention program, 1969, Apr. 18

Tuition statement, Independent School District No. 5, 21 January 1939

Newspaper Clippings

Howel, Ira B., “The Great Seal of the United States”, 1956, July

Thomas, Warren G. “Education Bill Attacked,” 1968, Oct. 12, Sioux Falls Argus Leader

“First County Rural Graduates”, n.d.

“First Officers in Present Court House”, n.d. (features Alice Cope, County Supt. Of Schools)

“Rural Schools Float”

“School Measure Analyzed,” n.d.

“Some Reminiscences of the Life and Adventures of John Bruyer, Pioneer Resident of Clay County” The Dakota Republican, 1937, Mar. 4

“South Dakota Beauty Acclaimed”, n.d.

“State Can’t Afford Inefficiency”

“Teachers and Students of Bon Homme School Speak Out for ‘Country Schools’,” 1969


Guhin, M.M., The Young Citizens League

Constitution and By-Laws of the Young Citizens League (2 copies)

United States Bureau of Education an office in the Interior Department, 1867-1888

Young Citizens League of America

Box 1, cont.



Nathan, George Jean “Bad Officials are Elected by Good Citizens who do not Vote”

“A Child’s Bill of Rights”

“Young Citizens League Code of Ethics” (3 items)


Publications regarding the Blind

Buddy’s Bulletin v. 3 no. 1 1937, Mar.

Christian Record Benevolent Association

Christian Record v. 8 no. 6 1937

Dogs Against Darkness

The Seeing Eye Guide v.2 no. 3 1936, Oct

To Set this Man Free

School Census, 1911-1912, District #3, Norway

School Insurance Policies

Teacher’s Contracts, 1931, Dist. #21, Elmwood

Teacher’s Register, 1900-1903, Dist. #21, Elmwood

Teacher’s Reports, 1879-1900, Dist. #3, Norway

Teacher’s Reports, 1901-1920, Dist. #3, Norway

Teacher’s Salary, 1943-1945, Dist. # 3, Norway

Teacher’s Term Reports, 1921-1927, 1942, Dist. #21, Elmwood

Textbook Inventory Lists, Dist. # 21, Elmwood

Textbook Inventory, 1944-1946, Dist. # 3, Norway


TYPESCRIPTS (3 folders)

Clay County Field Meets, 1938-1970

Clay County Spelling Contest, 1962-1970

Clerk’s Minutes, Dist. # 3, Norway


Be the Best of Whatever you are

Clay County Teachers, 1948-1949

Keep South Dakota Green Contest, 1954

My County by Laurence Cayce District no. 25

Our County by Carla Sorensen Busy Bend School District no. 9

Report of County Superintendent of Schools, n.d.

Walt Disney, Showman and educator, remembers Daisy

Winners of Scrapbook contest, n.d.



EPHEMERA (1 folder and 2 items)

Card from Bloomingdale School

Cartoon Drawing

Clay County School Ribbons, 1970 (7 items)

Embossing Stamp of Clay County Schools

“I Teach School”

Picture of Old Log School House Monument, copper etching letterpress printing block

“The Prayer of a Humorist”


Box 2


Ledger Books

Account Ledgers, Riverside District # 36, 1957-1959

Account Ledgers, Riverside District #36, 1950-1960

Account Ledgers, Riverside District #36, 1961-1963

Account Ledgers, Riverside District #36, 1965-1967

Record of 8th Grade Graduates, 1936-1970

Record of School Officers, Teachers and School Terms, 1898-1970

School Clerk’s Record Book, Norway District #3, 1887-1894

School Clerk’s Record Book, Norway District #3, 1898-1926

School Clerk’s Record Book, Norway District #3, 1934-1936

School Clerk’s Record Book, Norway District #3, 1940-1945

School Clerk’s Record Book, Norway District #3, 1945-1948

School Clerk’s Record Book, Riverside District #36, 1955-1957


Box 3



8th Grade Graduation (7 photos)








Group of People at the Capital Building in Pierre

Summer School and Institute Yankton College, 1912, June

Ledger Books

Record of School Officers, Teachers and School Terms, 1898-1970

Annual Report of the County Superintendent Clay County, South Dakota, 1910-1931 (20 items)


No Box


Ledger Books

Clay County Superintendents of Schools, volume 1

Clay County Superintendents of Schools, volume II

Meeting Minutes Rural Schools, 1943-1970

Clay County Institute, 1909-1943

Clay County Normal Institute Programs, 1907-1959


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