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Charley and Elizabeth (Betty) Gutch

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Box 1


1945-1946 Gutch, Charley to Elizabeth (Betty) Gutch

1945-1946 Gutch, Charley to Elizabeth (Betty) Gutch Duplicate Copy (Incomplete)

[1946] Naval Service Maps

Box 2


Professional Resources

1859 A Treatise on the Practice of Medicine Kost

1913 “On the Removal of Diffusible Substances from the Circulating Blood of Living Animals” Abel, Rowntree, Turner

1939 “Outline for History and Physical Examination Including Complete Neurological…” State University of Iowa

1941 “Crush Injuries with Impairment of Renal Function” Bywaters, Beall

1942 “Crushing Injuries” Bywaters

1947 “Local Penicillin Therapy for Tropical Ulcer” Gutch

1948 “Decimal Equivalents of Fractions”

1950 The New England Journal of Medicine Volume 243 Number 5

1950 “The Treatment of Amebiasis: With a Preliminary Report on the Use of Aureomycin” Gutch

1951 “Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage Due to Neurofibromatosis” Kleitsch, Kehne, Gutch

1954 “The Use of ACTH and Cortisone in Leukemia and Lymphoma” Griffith, Gutch

1955 “Topical and Systemic Therapy in Diseases Affecting the Skin” [VA Technical Bulletin] Pillsbury

[1955] “Water Treatment for Hemodialysis [Technical Report]” Culligan

1956 “Whole Body Buffers in the Regulation of Acid-Base Equilibrium” Elkinton

1957 “Myelofibrosis” Gutch

1960 “Inpersol” Abbott Laboratories

1960 “Serum Osmolality as a Routine Test” Stevens, Neumayer, Gutch

1961 Medicine Volume 40 Number 3

1961 “Pneumonia Caused by Nocardia Asteroides” Gutch


Box 3


Professional Resources

1962 Diagnostic Value of 24-Hour Urinary Excretion Patterns Holmes

1962 “Intermittent Peritoneal Dialysis in Acute Renal Failure” Gutch, Stevens, Watkins

1962 “Islet Cell Tumor Diarrhea and Hypopotassemia (The Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome?)” Gutch, Kisner

1962 “Measurement of Osmolality in Serum, Urine and Other Biologic Fluids by the Freezing…” Holmes

1963 “Disposable Coil Kidney” Travenol Laboratories, Inc.

1963 “The Improved Artificial Kidney” Longmore, Lond

1964 The Bulletin of Laboratory Medicine Volume 13 Number 5

1964 “Amphetamine Poisoning and Peritoneal Dialysis” Wallace, Neumayer, Gutch

1964 “Chron-a-coil: Disposable Coil Dialyzing Unit” Travenol Laboratories, Inc.

1964 “Periodic Peritoneal Dialysis in Chronic Renal Insufficiency” Gutch, Stevens, Watkins

1964 “Peritoneal Dialysis” Gutch

1964 “The Excretion of Water and of Solute by the Normal Urinary System” Hendry, Harrison, Fletcher

1965 “Acute Renal Failure Due to Inhalation of Trichloroethylene” Gutch, Tomhave, Stevens

1965 “Chronic Survival After Human Renal Homotransplantation” Starzl, et al.

1965 “Freezer Manufacturer Builds a Life Saver” Business Week

1965 “Homer Smith [editorial]” Bean

1966 “Silastic Catheter for Peritoneal Dialysis” Gutch, Stevens

1966 “The Patient Who Has Peritoneal Dialysis” Watkins

1967 Report of the Committee on Chronic Kidney Disease Gottschalk (Chairman of Committee)

1967 “The Psychiatric Contribution to a Renal Unit Undertaking Chronic…” Cramond, Knight, Lawrence

1968 Periodic Table of the Elements / Table of Periodic Properties of the Elements

1968 “The VA, an All-American Institution”

1969 “Fear of Death and Fear of Life” Beard

1969 “The Psychiatrist, the Treatment of Chronic Renal Failure, and the Prolongation of Life: II” Abram

1970 “Factors in Psychiatric Prediction of Patients Beginning Hemodialysis” Malmquist, et al.

1970 “Family Therapy” Kossoris

1970 “Guide to Drug Usage” Bennett, et al.

1970 “Hemodialysis – Feelings, Facts, Fantasies” Cummings

1970 “Personality Correlates of Survival in a Long-Term Hemodialysis Program” Glassman, Siegel

1970 “Psychological Observations on the Artificial Kidney Unit’s Staff…” Válek, Tomáŝek

1971 “Die Kapillarniere – Erfahrungen in Chronischer Hämodialyse” Pinggera, Gutch, et al.

1971 “Exploration of the cooperative Triad in the Investigation of Home Dialysis…” MacElveen

1971 “Hemodialysis for All Who Need It”

1971 “Home Hemodialysis in the Rocky Mountain Region” Pingerra, Holmes, Gutch, Kolff

[1971] “How to Fool Bubble Detectors” Kopp, Gutch, Backman, Radford, Kolff

1971 “Plasticizers in P.V.C. and the Occurrence of Hefatitis [sic] in a Haemodialysis [sic] Unit” Neergaard, et al.

1971 “Predicting Emotional Adjustment in Home Dialysis Patients and Their Relatives” Fishman, Schneider

1971 Review of Hemodialysis for Nurses and Dialysis Personnel First edition Gutch, Stoner

1971 Review of Hemodialysis for Nurses and Dialysis Personnel Japanese edition Gutch, Stoner

1971 “Suicidal Behavior in Chronic Dialysis Patients” Abram, et al.

1971 “The Decision to No Longer Live on Chronic Hemodialysis” McKegney, Lange

1971 “The Liter-Kilogram-Concept in Prescription and Evaluation of Hemodialysis” Kopp, Gutch, Kolff

1971 “Ultra-Pure Water Systems [Technical Report]” Culligan


Box 4


Professional Resources

1972 “A Simplified Automatic Peritoneal Dialysis System” Tenckhoff, Meston, Shilipetar

1972 “Bubble Detector Testing” Kopp

1972 “Clinical Evaluation of the E-Z-S Kidney” Gutch, et al.

1972 “Group Therapy in a Community Hospital Dialysis Unit” Sorensen

1972 “Emotional Reactions in a Renal Unit” Gelfman, Wilson

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1972 “National Nosocomial Infections Study” Center for Disease Control

1972 “Nursing Response to the Long-Term Dialysis Patient” Moore

1972 “Personality Factors in Chronic Hemodialysis Patients Causing Noncompliance…” De-Nour, Czaczkes

1972 “Post-Mortem Removal of Dow-Cordis Capillary Kidney – Summary” Gutch

1972 “Problems in Adaptation to Maintenance Hemodialysis” Reichsman, Levy

1972 “Single Needle Dialysis Manual” Panter

1972 “Syndrome of Dyspraxia and Multifocal Seizures Associated with Chronic Hemodialysis” Alfrey, et al.

1972 “The Sad Truth About Hemodialysis in Diabetic Nephropathy” Ghavamian, Gutch, Kopp, Kolff

[1972] “Thyroid Function in Chronic Renal Failure” [Grant Application] Ramirez

1972 “Thyroid Function in Chronic Renal Failure” Ramirez, Jubiz, Gutch, Kolff

1972 “Ultra-Pure Water for Laboratories and the Medical Profession” Culligan

[1973] “Analysis of Functional Parameters of Single Needle Dialysis…” [Abstract] Gutch, et al.

1973 “[A New Look at Infectious Diseases] Hepatitis” Turner

1973 “Chlorinated Urban Water: A Cause of Dialysis-Induced Hemolytic Anemia” Eaton, et al.

1973 “Guidelines to Antibiotic Therapy in Renal Failure” Neu

1973 “Hemodialysis-Associated Hepatitis” Garibaldi, et al.

1973 “Hemodialysis Causing Anguish”

1973 “Hepatitis A Advance: Virus-Like Antigen ‘Visualized’” U.S. Medicine

1973 “Pericardial Tamponade in Chronic-Hemodialysis Patients” Ghavamian, Gutch, et al.

1973 “Recommendations for the Prevention and Control of Hemodialysis-Associated Hepatitis” Center for Disease Control

1973 Haemodialyse: Een Handleiding voor Kunstnierbehandeling Gutch, Stoner

1973 “Single Needle Technique for Hemodialysis: A Comparison of Two Systems” Spiegel, et al.

1973 “The Dialysis Patient and Attitudes Towards Work” Sullivan

1973 “The Psychological Evaluation of Patients for a Kidney Transplant…” Greenberg, Davis, Massey

1973 “Thyroid Abnormalities in Renal Failure” Ramirez, Jubiz, Gutch, et al.

1974 “Hemodialysis – Chloramine Removal” [Research and Development Report, Culligan] Husseini

1974 “Hepatitis B Infection: A Point-Prevalence Study in 15 US Hemodialysis Centers” Szmuness, et al.

1974 “NIH Team Views Hepatitis A Virus” and “Stanford Group: ‘Dane’ is B Virus” Infectious Diseases

1974 “Refractory Ascites in Chronic Dialysis Patients” Gutch, et al.

1974 “The Middle Molecule Muddle – A Pragmatic Approach (or Diogenes without a Lantern)” Gutch

1974 “Water Treatment for Hemodialysis: Single Patient System Model RDS-1” Culligan

1975 “2-Chloroethanol as a Toxic Residue in Dialysis Supplies Sterilized with Ethylene Oxide” Gutch, et al.

1975 “Artificial Kidneys: Problems and Approaches” Gutch

1975 Review of Hemodialysis for Nurses and Dialysis Personnel Second Edition Gutch, Stoner

1975 “Visit to Santa Barbara Community Dialysis Center”

1976 “Sodium Polystyrene Sulfonate Resin Candy for Control of Potassium in…” Johnson, Cazee, Gutch, Ogden


1976 “The Artificial Prolongation of Life” in The Doctor as Judge of Who Shall Live and Who Shall Die Thielicke

1977 South Dakota Journal of Medicine Volume 30 Number 4


Box 5


Professional Resources

1979 Review of Hemodialysis for Nurses and Dialysis Personnel Third Edition Gutch, Stoner

1983 Review of Hemodialysis for Nurses and Dialysis Personnel Fourth Edition Gutch, Stoner

1989 “Guidelines for Prevention of Transmission of [HIV] and Hepatitis B Virus…” CDC and U.S. Department of Health

1990 “Adjuvant Therapy for Patients with Colon and Rectum Cancer” National Institutes of Health

1990 “Hypertension” Chobanian, Gavras, Netter

1993 “Morbidity and Mortality of Dialysis” National Institutes of Health

1993 Review of Hemodialysis for Nurses and Dialysis Personnel Fifth Edition Gutch, Stoner, Corea

1993 “Should Hemodialysis Fluid be Sterile?” Henderson

1993 “Talk for UI Alumni” [Gutch]

[1995] “Early Graduate Medical Education in South Dakota: The Johns Hopkins Connection” Gutch

1996 “Dr. T.F. Riggs and the Johns Hopkins Connection: An Early Graduate Medical Experience…” Gutch

1998 “Recommendations for Prevention and Control of Hepatitis C Virus…” CDC and U.S. Department of Health

1998-2000 USD Medicine Volumes 27 and 29

1998 “Your Urinary System and How it Works” National Institutes of Health


Box 6


Professional Resources

1999 “Chronic Hepatitis C: Current Disease Management” National Institutes of Health

1999 Review of Hemodialysis for Nurses and Dialysis Personnel Sixth Edition Gutch, Stoner, Corea

1999 “Urinary Tract Infection in Adults” National Institutes of Health

2001-2006 USD Medicine Alumni Update (July 2001, October 2001, July 2003, Spring 2005, Spring 2006)

2004 “A Treatment Algorithm for Neuropathic Pain” Namaka, et al.

2005 Review of Hemodialysis for Nurses and Dialysis Personnel Seventh Edition Kallenbach, Gutch, Stoner, Corea

2005-2008 Wegner Health Information Volumes 5.1, 5.2, 6.2, 7.2

2006 South Dakota Medicine Volume 59 Number 1

No date “A Modified, Personalized System of Education for Junior Internal Medicine…” Talley, Gutch, Harvill

No date “Aqua-Cleer” [Series M Reverse Osmosis Systems] Culligan

No date “Astrup Equipment” Andersen, Engel

No date Catheter Scale and Reference Chart

No date “Dermatome Chart of the Human Body”

No date “Dialysis Capsule for Permanent Implantation into a Body Cavity…” Salisbury

No date “Dialyzer Clearance, Single Needle vs. Double Needle” Ziegler, Cazee, Gutch, Ogden

No date “Hepatitis Screening: RBC Agglutination Accuracy Can Top Radioimmunoassay” Internal Medicine News Service

No date “Not All Water Is Good for Kidney Machines” Ginn

No date “Medical Sciences Building” [USD Foundation Fundraising Booklet]

No date “Medications for Peritoneal Dialysis”

No date “Methods of Water Purification for Dialysis” Spatz

No date “Normal Data – Denver”

No date “Perfusion Injury in Renal Transplants” [Abstract] Spector, et al.

No date “Reverse Osmosis: How It Works” Continental Water Conditioning Corporation

No date “RS-1 and RDS-1 versus Deionization System Cost Analysis for Dialysis”

No date “Section 2: The Acid-Base System” in Radiometer

No date “Single-Needle Dialysis: Study of Some Functional Parameters” Gutch, et al.

No date “Sodium Excretion and Hormonal Changes during Salt Loading at Moderately High Altitude…” Ramirez, et al.

No date Tech Bulletins by Osmonics, Inc.

No date “The Philosophy of Self-Dialysis Training” Barbour, Walker

No date “The Serum Creatinine as an Index of Renal Function”

No date “True Blood Flow and Venous Admixing in Single Needle Dialysis” Gutch, Ziegler, Cazee, Ogden

No date “Unipuncture Control System K-3” Vital Assists, Inc.

No date “Water Treatment for Hemodialysis: A Review” Walker, Johnson, Ginn, Hopkins


Box 7


Administrative Documents

1957 “Parliamentary Procedure at a Glance”

ca. 1970 Research Notes

1970-1999 Book Publishing Bills, Royalty Reports, and Invoices

[1970-1980] Medical Supplies Order Forms

1970-2003 Publishing and Contributor Agreements

1971-2000 Commercial Listings of Review of Hemodialysis for Nurses and Dialysis Personnel by Gutch and Stoner

[1972] Curriculum Vitae David A. Ogden

1972 Curriculum Vitae Klaus F. Kopp

1972-1982 Employment Contracts and Forms

1981 Curriculum Vitae John E. Kiley

1992 USD School of Medicine Administrative Council Documents

1994 South Dakota Health Sciences Library Campaign Documents

1995 “Pirdocs”

1995 “Sportster Vi Faxmodem with Personal Voice Mail” [User’s Guide] U.S. Robotics

No date “Initial Outline for Text on Hemodialysis for Nurses and Dialysis Technicians” and Sample Layout

No date Lecture Notes


Box 8


Administrative Documents

1957 Bulletin of the Medical Staff [Bishop Clarkson Memorial Hospital; Omaha, NE]

ca. 1970 Medical Staff Directories

1975-1977 Bulletin USD School of Medicine

1976 USD School of Medicine Faculty and Staff Roster

1977-1978 Bulletin USD School of Medicine

1980-1981 Bulletin USD School of Medicine

1981-1982 “Student Affairs” USD School of Medicine

1982-1984 Bulletin USD School of Medicine

1985-1987 Bulletin USD School of Medicine

1986 USD School of Medicine Faculty and Staff Roster

1987-1989 Bulletin USD School of Medicine


Box 9


ca. 1940 Certificates, Awards, Licenses

1941 Bachelor of Arts Degree Certificate

ca. 1950 Certificates, Awards, Licenses

ca. 1960 Certificates, Awards, Licenses

1967 [Veteran’s Hospital Farewell Scrapbook]


Box 10


1970-1974 Certificates, Awards, Licenses

1975-1979 Certificates, Awards, Licenses


Box 11


ca. 1980 Certificates, Awards, Licenses

1981 Recognition by Sioux Falls V.A. Medical Center

ca. 1990 Certificates, Awards, Licenses

1990 South Dakota Laureate Award

1991 SD Medical School Endowment Assoc. Special Contributor Award


Box 12


1992 Albia Community High School Wall of Fame

1998 Certificate of Membership to [USD Foundation’s] Grace Beede Society

1998 Karl and Mary Jo Wegner Health Science Information Center Plaque

1998 USD School of Medicine Career Clinical Award

ca. 2000 Certificates, Awards, Licenses

2007 SD Medical School Endowment Assoc. Special Contributor Award

No date Certificates, Awards, Licenses


Box 13



1943-1971 Correspondence

1972-1974 Correspondence

1975 Correspondence

1976-2007 Correspondence

No date Correspondence


Box 14


Newspaper Clippings

Colleagues’ Careers

Gutch’s Medical Career

Medical Advancements and Setbacks

Medical School Developments



Box 15


Photographs and Biographical Information

Funeral Programs 1987-2005

Gutch, Charley Biographical Information and Curriculum Vitae

Gutch, Charley and Elizabeth Portrait Photos

Gutch, Charley and Elizabeth Snapshot Photos

Medical and Professional Photos (Small)

Medical and Professional Photos (Large) (2 folders)


Pamphlets and Programs 1950-2009





Box 16


High School Diploma Albia, Iowa 1937

Albia Junior College Diploma 1939

Class Roster Poster of College of Medicine University of Iowa Fall 1943

Doctor of Medicine Diploma University of Iowa 1943

Columbia Hospital Intern Certificate 1944

Physician Certificate University of Iowa 1945

Physician Licensure for South Dakota 1947

Internal Medicine Certificate 1953

American Society of Extra-Corporeal Technology Honorary Life Membership Certificate 1973

American Society of Extra-Corporeal Technology Active Membership 1973

Recertification of Internal Medicine 1977

Order of Roadrunners Certificate No Date

Fifty Years of Medical Practice in South Dakota Certificate 1997



Box 17


Model Airplane

Name Plates

Ink Pen











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