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Charley and Elizabeth (Betty) Gutch

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Scope and Contents

The Charley and Elizabeth (Betty) Gutch Papers contains five series: Letters, Medical Research and Practice, Awards and Recognition, Personal, and Oversize.

The Letters Series is composed of digital and Xerox copies of letters written by Dr. Gutch to Mrs. Gutch during Dr. Gutch’s Naval service in World War II. This series also includes two hand-drawn maps of the areas where Dr. Gutch served as a member of SACO and Naval Group China. The letters themselves are arranged chronologically.

The Medical Research and Practice Series is divided into two sub-series: Professional Resources and Administrative Documents. The Professional Resources sub-series includes journal articles, books, and other resources that Dr. Gutch used or wrote in the context of his medical practice. The Administrative Documents sub-series includes publishing agreements, invoices, royalty reports, faculty and staff directories, and fundraising campaign documents. All of the materials in the Medical and Research Practice series are arranged chronologically by year and alphabetically within each year.

The Awards and Recognition Series contains all documents recognizing Dr. Gutch’s skills and certifications as a physician, including commissioning certificates, medical licenses, registration certificates, basic sciences certification, a farewell scrapbook, and plaques and medals honoring Dr. Gutch. The materials in this series are arranged chronologically by year and alphabetically within each year.

The Personal Series is divided into three sub-series: Correspondence, Newspaper Clippings, and Photographs and Biographical Information. The Correspondence sub-series includes letters and telegrams to Dr. Gutch and carbon copies of Dr. Gutch’s responses. Most of the correspondence relates either to Dr. Gutch’s medical career or to the publication of his book Review of Hemodialysis for Nurses and Dialysis Personnel. This sub-series is arranged chronologically. The Newspaper Clippings sub-series includes clippings related to Dr. Gutch’s career as a physician, the development of the University of South Dakota Medical School, and the careers and deaths of Dr. Gutch’s colleagues. This sub-series is arranged by subject matter. The Photographs and Biographical Information sub-series is composed of funeral programs, biographical sketches of Dr. Gutch’s career, portrait photographs, personal photographs, medical photographs, and programs from events that Dr. Gutch attended. The materials in this sub-series are arranged by subject matter.

The Oversize Series contains awards and certificates relevant to Dr. Gutch’s service as a physician including framed diplomas, internal medicine certification, a medical school class photo, and other large certificates.

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