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Henry Langford Loucks

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Box 1



Anderson, J.M.

1916, Aug. 1

Editor Public Opinion


Kerr, Charles H.

1916, Aug. 8

Spence, C.E.

1916, Nov. 28


To the Co-Operators of South Dakota from Belk, John T., n.d.



News Clippings

Argus Leader

“The Farmers Viewpoint”, n.d.

“Tugwell Reviews Aims and Accomplishments of Farm Adjustment Act”, 1934, June 29

Bookings Register

“Complete Text of Speech of Dr. R.G. Tugwell”, 1934, July 3

Daily Public Opinion, Watertown, SD

“Loucks in the field”, n.d.

“Public Ownership of Utilities”, 1925, Nov. 27

“State Sale of Gasoline”, 1925, Nov. 28

“The State Gasoline Problem”, n.d.

Garden City Tribune

“From Producer to Consumer at Minimum Expense”, n.d.

Organized Farmer

“Wheat and Why the Prices Change”, 1917, Apr. 19

South Dakota News

“America’s Future: the Farmer-Labor Party Program”, 1934, Dec. 6

South Dakota Union Farmer

“Facts About the Yoakum Plan and Others”, 1924, May 21

“Concerning the Principles Honest Money”, 1924, May 21

Vineland Independent

“Axiomaticus Profundum”, 1925, Dec. 24


“Calls on City to Resist Attack by New York Exploiters”, n.d.

“Citizen Calls Attention to Present Drive Against City’s Light Plant”, n.d.

“Dangerous Trap for the People”, n.d.

“From Producer to Consumer at the Minimum Expense”, 1917, Apr. 1 and 15 (2 copies)

“German Anti-trust Law Pro-trust Instead of Anti-trust”, n.d.

“Gunderson Sells Gas Equipment”, n.d.

“A Logical Letter”, 1917, Feb. 5

“Loucks Goes into contest for U.S. Senatorship”, n.d.

“Loucks Petition Short Necessary Number of Names”, n.d.

“The People’s Forum”, n.d.

“Question Box”, 1923, Nov. 21

“State Gasoline Dead Forever”, n.d.

Box 1, cont.


News Clippings, cont.

Miscellaneous, cont.

“Why We Must Pay Reasonable Dividends”, n.d.

“Withdrawals on LaFollette Slate Unite Factions”, n.d.

“Women’s Department”, n.d.

“Would Review Several of the Old Promises”, n.d.


“Rural Credits and State Development” by H.L. Loucks

“Will the Farmer be the ‘Goat’ Once More?” by H.L. Loucks

Untitled Pages



Loucks, Henry L.

“Capital Control a Failure”

“A Dangerous Trap!”, 1917, Jan. 20 (2 copies)

“Public Ownership of Public Utilities”

“South Dakota Association for the Public Ownership and Operation of Public Utilities”

“State Aid of State Ownership and Operation of Public Utilities”

“State Gasoline Sales”




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