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Correspondence and Conference Materials

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Correspondence and Conference Materials

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Papers delivered at the 1976 symposium “Anthropology on the Great Plains: The State of the Art, 1976” at the 34th Plains Conference, in Minneapolis, Minnesota: organized by Margot Liberty and W. Raymond Wood

Taped by W. Raymond Wood on the dates and occasion indicated




Box 3, cont


Audio/Visual, cont.

Cassettes, cont.

Part 1 (October 20, 1976)

Tape 1

Side 1

W. Raymond Wood (University of Missouri-Columbia): Opening Remarks

E. Adamson Hoebel (University of Minnesota): History of Anthropology on the Plains [questions: Omer Stewart; two unidentified; Margot Liberty].

Richard Scaglion (University of Pennsylvania): The Plains Culture Area: A Critical Review (continued, side 2)

Side 2

Scaglion (concluded) [questions: one unidentified]

Wayne M. Wendland (University of Illinois): Holocene Man in the Plains: The Ecological Setting and Climactic Background (continued, tape 2)


Tape 2

Side 1

4. Wendland (concluded) [questions: George Frison]

James C. Knox (University of Wisconsin): Geomorphic and Hydrologic Characteristics of Great Plains rivers During the Holocene [questions: one unidentified]

W. Raymond Wood: Intertribal Relations (continued, side 2)

Side 2

6. Wood (concluded) [no questions: break for lunch]


Tape 3

Side 1

George C. Frison (University of Wyoming): Man-Bison Relationships on the Plains [questions: two unidentified]

B. Miles Gilbert (University of Missouri-Columbia): Exploitative Strategies Utilizing Floral and Faunal Resources (continued, side 2)

Side 2

8. Gilbert (concluded) [questions: none]

X. Joe Ben Wheat (University of Colorado Museum): The Paleo-Indian Period in the Great Plains [paper not delivered]

Alfred E. Johnson (speaker) and W. Raymond Wood (University of Kansas and University of Missouri-Columbia): The Archaic and Later Cultures [questions: one unidentified]

Richard L. Jantz (speaker) and Douglas Owsley (University of Tennessee): Recent Developments in Skeletal Studies in the Plains (continued, tape 4)






Box 3, cont


Audio/Visual, cont.

Cassettes, cont.

Tape 4

Side 1

10. Jantz and Owsley (concluded) [questions: one unidentified; B. Miles Gilbert; Dale R. Henning]

Douglas R. Parks and Robert C. Hollow (both speakers) (Mary College and State Historical Society of North Dakota): Plains Linguistics (continued, side 2)

Side 2

11. Parks and Hollow (concluded) [questions: Patricia Albers, Margot Liberty]

Mildred Mott Wedel and Raymond J. DeMaille (both speakers) (Smithsonian Institution and Indiana University): Ethnohistory (continued, tape 5)


Tape 5

Side 1

12. Wedel and DeMaille [questions: none]

Discussants: Waldo R. Wedel (Smithsonian Institution) and Eldon Johnson (University of Minnesota) [questions: none]

Part 2 (October 21, 1976)


Side 2

Margot Liberty (University of Pittsburgh): Opening Remarks

Alan M. Klein (Pacific Lutheran University): Economic Analysis on the Great Plains: A Marxist Compliment [questions: four unidentified]

John H. Moore (Albion College): Plains Kinship Studies (continued, tape 6)


Tape 6

Side 1

3. Moore (concluded) [questions: Ray De Mallie; one unidentified]

Garrick Bailey (University of Tulsa): Social Control [questions: Ray DeMallie]

Margot Liberty (University of Pittsburgh): Religion I: The Sun Dance (continued, side 2)

Side 2

5. Liberty (concluded)[questions: Omer Stewart; Alice Kehoe; Patricia Albers; one unidentified; Omer Stewart; Carlyle Smith; Dave Miller; unidentified]

Omer C. Stewart (University of Colorado-boulder): Ghost Dance [questions: three unidentified; break for lunch]








Box 3, cont


Audio/Visual, cont.

Cassettes, cont.

Tape 7

Side 1

Omer C. Stewart (University of Colorado-Boulder): The Native American Church [questions: one unidentified; Margot Liberty]

Mary Jane Schneider (University of North Dakota-Grand Forks): A Critical Examination of Current Knowledge of Visual Arts (continued, side 2)

Side 2

8. Schneider (concluded)[questions: one unidentified; Alan Klein; Karen Peterson; Ray Wood; Omer Stewart; Margot Liberty; unidentified; Omer Stewart]

Jane Goldstein Ahler (University of North Dakota-Grand Forks): Plains Indians and Formal Education Systems (continued, tape 8)


Tape 8

9. Ahler (concluded) [questions: one unidentified; Alice Kehoe; four unidentified]

Katherine M. Weist (University of Montana): Women’s Studies [questions: one unidentified; Alice Kehoe; Margot Liberty; Omer Stewart]

XX. Luis S. Kemnitzer (San Francisco State University): Research in Health and Healing in the Plains Area [paper not delivered]

Patricia C. Albers (University of Utah): Regional and Pan-Indian Relations in Contemporary Perspective (continued, side 2)

Side 2

11. Albers (concluded) [questions: one unidentified; Omer Stewart]

Margot Liberty: closes session


Selected Papers delivered at the 1976 symposium, “Trends in Middle Missouri Prehistory: a Festschrift Honoring the Contributions of Donald J. Lehmer” at the 34th Plains Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota


Organized by W. Raymond Wood and F. A. Calabrese


Taped by W. Raymond Wood on the dates and occasion indicated


[The first part of Tape 1 is not part of the Festschrift, but was accidentally recorded over Festschrift material from an undated reel to reel tape in the possession of Flavia Waters Champe, at her home in Lincoln, sometime after the death in 1978 of her husband, John L. Champe. The original tape obviously was made in Champe’s home the evening following the 13th Plains Conference in Lincoln in 1955.]

Box 3, cont


Audio/Visual, cont.

Cassettes, cont.

Tape 1

Side 1:

Party noise: Preston Holder drumming/chanting || Holder chatter, background party noise || John L. Champe: Plains conference talk highlight, “On the Plains” || Rattle, drumming chanting, chatter || Champe: Plains Conference talk, continued: Plains “has everything but feral children” || Champe at the piano, party noise singing || Unidentified Plains Conference speaker on utility of culture areas || Donald J. Lehmer closing the 13th Plains Conference.

October 22, 1976


The Lehmer Festschrift began at the conference with an appreciation of Lehmer by Wilfred D. Logan. The following papers were given, but the following is only a selection of those given, and they were not given in the order in which they are recorded here. How the mixing occurred is not recorded. The Festschrift overlapped with Part One of the “Anthropology on the Great Plains” symposium that Wood chaired the same morning.


Thomas D. Thiessen (Midwest Archeological Center: talk begins mid-stream): A Tentative Radiocarbon Chronology for the Middle Missouri Tradition.

W. Raymond Wood (speaker) and Alan S. Downer (University of Missouri-Columbia): Notes on the Crow-Hidatsa Schism (continued, side 2)


Side 2

Wood and Downer (concluded)

Douglas W. Owsley (speaker), Hugh E. Berryman, and William M. Bass (University of Tennessee): Demographic and Osteological Evidence for Warfare at the Larson Site (39WW2), Walworth County, South Dakota.

C. L. Dill (State Historical Society of North Dakota) The Knife River Phase

Discussant: Carlyle S. Smith (cut off in mid-sentence)


Tape 2

Side 1

F. A. Calabrese (Midwest Archeological Center: talk begins in mid-stream): Ceramic Classification in Middle Missouri Prehistory.

Craig M. Johnson (University of Nebraska): Temporal and Spatial Variation in Ceramics from the Medicine Crow Site (39BF2), South Dakota.

Carl R. Falk (University of Nebraska): Animal Bone and Plains Archaeology: A Quarter Century of Progress.



Box 3, cont


Audio/Visual, cont.

Cassettes, cont

Side 2

Falk (concluded)

Discussants: Carlyle S. Smith, Craig M. Johnson, Richard A. Krause

Robert K. Nickel (Midwest Archaeological Center): The Study of Archaeologically Recovered Plant Materials from the Middle Missouri Sub area.

Stanley A. Ahler (University of North Dakota): Lithic Resource Utilization Patterns (cut off in mid-sentence)


Box 4



Correspondence (12 folders)


Book Reviews (7 folders)

Elections, 1984-1997

Obituaries, 1990-1998

Obituary Index

Permissions, 1990-1998

Reports, 1968, 1980-1999


Box 5



Amick, Daniel S.

Patterns of Technological Variation among Folsom and Midland Projectile Points in the American Southwest, 1995

Applegate, Roger D.

Are Bison a Keystone Species in the Tall Grass Prairie, 2000

Artz, Joe Alan

Cultural Response or Geological Process? : A Comment on Sheehan, 1996

Aufderheide, Arthur C., Elden Johnson, and Odin Langsjoen

Health, Demography and Archaeology of Mille Lacs Native American Mortuary Populations, 1994

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Woodland Period Bison Hunting on the Central Plains: A Perspective Using Bone Chemistry, Paleoethnobotany, and Bison Nutrition, 1993

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Late Paleo-Indian Land Use in the Oklahoma Panhandle: Goff Creek and Nall Plaza, 1999

The Southern Plains Craft Lithic Cache, 1996

Bamforth, Douglas B.

Archeological Theory and Archaeological Inference on the Great Plains, 1999

An Empirical Perspective on Little Ice Age Climatic Change on the Great Plains, 1991

Box 5, cont.


Manuscripts, cont.

Bamforth, Douglas B., cont.

Flint knapping Skill, Communal Hunting, and Paleo-Indian Projectile Point Typology, 1991

Banforth, Douglas B. and Mark Becker

Core/Biface Ratios, Mobility, Refitting, and Artifact Use-Lives: A Paleo-Indian Example, 2000

Banks, Kimball M.

Indians, Reclamation, and Historic Preservation, 1999

Banks, Kimball M. and J. Signe Snortland

Every Picture Tells a Story: Historic Images, Tipi Camps, and Archaeology, 1995

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The Macy Site (14RY38): A Multi-component Early Ceramic Occupation in Northeastern Kansas, 2000

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BioArcheology of Some Plains Woodland Burials from Waurika Lake, Southwest Oklahoma, 1991

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Lounsbury’s Analysis of Republican Pawnee Terminology: Comparison with Lushbaugh’s Original Data, 1995

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An Example of Creativity in Apache, 1999

Beck, Margaret

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Social Organization in the Central Plains Tradition: Ethnographic Analogy and Archaeological Models, 1996

Bement, Leland C.

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On the Significance of Radiocarbon Dates from a Bison Kill Site in Western Oklahoma, 1993

The Thunder Valley Cache: Group Investment in a Central Texas Sinkhole Cemetery, 1991

Bement, Leland C. and Kent Buehler

Preliminary Results from the Certain Site: A Late Archaic Bison Kill in Western Oklahoma, 1994

Benedict, James B.

Sacred Hot Springs, Instant Patinas, 1991

Billeck, William T.

Fluted Point Distribution in the Loess Hills of Southwestern Iowa, 1997

Black, Kevin D.

Archaic Origins and Chronology in the Colorado Rockies: The Mountain Tradition, 1990



Box 5, cont.


Manuscripts, cont.

Blackmar, Jennette M.

Regional Patterning in the Paleo-Indian Record from Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, 1999

Regional Variability in Clovis, Folsom and Cody Land Use, 2001

Blakeslee, Donald J.

Reassessment of some Radiocarbon Dates from the Central Plains, 1994

Blasing, Robert, K.

Consultation between the Bureau of Reclamation and the Pawnee Tribe, 1999

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Folsom Mobility and Organization of Lithic Technology: A View from Black Water Draw, New Mexico, 1991

Lithic Technology at the Mitchell Locality of Black Water Draw: A Stratified Folsom Site in Eastern New Mexico, 1990

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Folsom Performs, Recycling, and Organization of Lithic Technology: A View from Black Water Draw, New Mexico, 1994

Boszhardt, Robert F.

Additional Western Lithics for Hopewell Bifaces in the Upper Mississippi River Valley, 1997

Bouchet-Bert, Luc

From Spiritual and Biographic to Boundary-Marking Deterrent Art-A Reinterpretation of Writing-On-Stone, 2000

Bousman, C. Britt

Paleoenvironmental Change in Central Texas: the Palynological Evidence, 1998

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Recent Paleoclimatic and Paleoenvironmental Research in Texas

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Culture, Environment, and Bison Populations on the Late Prehistoric and Early Historic Central Plains, 1995

Fauna from the Hulme Site and Comments on Central Plains Tradition Subsistence Variability, 1990


Box 5, cont.


Manuscripts, cont.

Bozell, John R. and James V. Winfrey

A Review of Middle Woodland Archeology in Nebraska, 1994


Box 6


Manuscripts, cont.

Broce, Gerald

Juris: An Ethnic Cemetery on the High Plains, 1996

Broihahn, John H. and David M. Gradwohl

A Grass Rope Ware Vessel and Associated Artifact from the Central Des Moines River Valley, Iowa, 1997

Brooks, Robert L., Michael C. Moore and Douglas Owsley

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Box 6, cont.


Manuscripts, cont.

Charles, James N.

Involvement of Native Americans in Cultural Resources Programs, 1999

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Lithic Resources of the Bear lodge Mountains, Wyoming: Description, Distribution, and Implications, 1996

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Box 6, cont.


Manuscripts, cont.

Duncan, Marjorie A.

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Dyck, Ian

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Majorville Medicine Wheel Complex: Accurate Markings of the Solstices and 12.00 Hour Days by Outliers, 1992

Frison, George

The Eden-Farson Pronghorn Kill 48SW304: Taphonomic Analysis and Animal Behavior, 2000

Observations on Pronghorn Behavior and Taphonomic Analysis of Bone Beds: Implications for Analysis of the Eden-Farson Pronghorn Kill, 2001

Box 6, cont.


Manuscripts, cont.

Frison, George C. and Zola Van Norman

Carved Steatite and Sandstone Tubes: Pipes for Smoking or Shaman’s Paraphernalia, 1992

Gibbon, Guy

Old Copper in Minnesota: A Review, 1998

Gillam, Christopher J.

A View of Paleo-Indian Settlement from Crowley’s Ridge, 1996

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Patronage and Kinship among Lao Refugees in Storm Lake, Iowa 1994

The Role of Nonmarket Processes in Mobilization of Lao and Mennonite Labor in Storm Lake, Iowa, 1994

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Greene, Candace S.

Exploring the Three “Little Bluffs” of the Kiowa, 1996

Soft Cradles of the Central Plains, 1992

Greer, Mavis and John Greer

Handprints in Montana Rock Art, 1999


Box 7


Manuscripts, cont.

Gregg, John B. and William M. Bass

Erosion of the Supraorbital Plate, 1993

Osteitis Pubis in the Male, 1995

Gregg, Michael L.

An Early Plains Woodland Structure in the Northeastern Plains, 1990

Greiser, Sally T.

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Hamill, James

Being Indian In Northeast Oklahoma, 2000

Hamilton, Scott

Ecological “Islands” And Vickers Focus Adaptive Transitions in the Pre-Contact Plains of Southwestern Manitoba, 1999

Box 7, cont.


Manuscripts, cont.

Hanna, Margaret G.

A Time to Choose: “US” Versus “Them,” Or “All of us Together”, 1999

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History of Investigations, Geoarchaeology, and Reexamination of the Extant Lithic and Faunal Collections from the San Jon Site, New Mexico, 1995

Hocket, Scott

Interpreting Lagomorph Bones: Taphonomy of Raptor Pellets and Significance to Archaeology, 1990

Hofman, Jack L.

Salt Creek, Recent Evidence from the Eastern Folsom Margin in Central Oklahoma, 1990



Box 7, cont.


Manuscripts, cont.

Hofman, Jack L., Daniel S. Amick and Richard O. Rose

Shifting Sands: A Folsom-Midland Assemblage from a Campsite in Western Texas, 1990

Hofman, Jack L. and Lawrence C. Todd

Reinvestigation of the Perry Range Plainview Bison Bonebed, Southwestern Oklahoma, 1997

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Evidence of the Spring Planting Ceremony to Evening Star and Her Sacred Garden, 1998

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Natural Indicators of Artifact Authenticity, 1994

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Protohistoric Pawnee Lithic Economy, 1993

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Late Prehistoric Bison Populations in Central and Southern Texas, 1991

Hughes, Richard E.

Source Area Analysis of Obsidian Flakes from a Lower Loup Phase Site in Nebraska, 1999

Hughes, Susan S.

Division of Labor at a Besant Hunting Camp in Eastern Montana:

The Sheepeater Myth of Northwestern Wyoming, 1999

Hyland, David C. and Thomas R. Anderson

Blood Residue Analysis of the Lithic Assemblage from the Mitchell Locality Blackwater Draw, New Mexico, 1990

Johnson, Alfred E.

Early Woodland in the Trans-Missouri West, 1992

Kansas Origins: An Alternative, 1989

A Steed-Kisker Effigy Pipe, 1994

Johnson, Eileen

Late Quaternary Bison Utilization at Lubbock Lake, Southern High Plains of Texas, 1997

Johnson, Eileen, and Vance T. Holliday

Analysis of Paleo-Indian Bone Beds at the Clovis Site: New Data from Old Excavations, 1996

Johnson, Jay K.

North American Biface Production Trajectory Modeling in Historic Perspective, 1992-1993

Johnson, LeRoy and T.N. Campbell

Sanan: Traces of a Previously Unknown Aboriginal Language in Colonial Coahuila and Texas, 1992

Johnson, LeRoy

The Reconstructed Crow Terminology of the Titskanwatits, or Tonkawas, with Inferred Social Correlates, 1994

Box 7, cont.


Manuscripts, cont.

Kay, Marvin, Gary Dunn, James Cogswell, Hector Neff, and Michael Glascock

Helb Site Pots: Is it Huff or Memorex?, 1999

Kelly, Michael E.

It’s a Beautiful Day to Die!: A Cultural Ecological Analysis of Plains and Prairie Indian Warrior Societies, 2000

Kenmotsu, Nancy A., Timothy K. Perttula, Patricia Mercado-Allinger, Thomas R. Hester, James E. Bruseth, Sergio Iruegas, and Curtis Tunnell

Medicine Mounds Ranch: The Identification of a Possible Comanche Traditional Cultural Property in the Rolling Plains of Texas, 1999

Keyser, James D.

Painted Bison Robes: The Missing Link in the Biographic Art Style Lexicon, 1995

A Thing to Tie on the Halter: An Addition to the Plains Rock Art Lexicon, 1991

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Bird Rattle’s Petroglyphs at Writing-On-Stone: Continuity in the Biographic Rock Art Tradition, 2000

Knudson, Ruthann

The San Jon Points and Paleo-Indian Typology, 1995


Box 8


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