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John Blair Smith Todd

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Scope and Contents

The J.B.S. Todd Collection contains five series: Correspondence, Miscellaneous, Photograph, Printed Materials and Typescripts.

The Correspondence series contains two letters referring to items within the Todd Collection.  There is no correspondence from Todd himself.

The Miscellaneous series contains two copies of a list of J.B.S. Todd’s children.  The list gives dates and locations of their births.  One copy is a handwritten by Josephine Todd Moore and the other copy is a typescript version.  Also included is a map of an unidentified township in Lawrence County, SD.

The Photograph series contains one photograph of J.B.S. Todd in a military uniform circa 1850.

The Printed Materials contain two newspaper clippings about J.B.S. Todd.  One article is a Todd biography, which was printed in the Argus Leader, and the other is Todd’s obituary.

Typescripts series contains several biographies of J.B.S. Todd.  The typescript by Norman Thomas, a History Professor from Black Hills State Teachers College, is available in three versions: a final draft and two editing copies.  This article was published in South Dakota Historical Collections v. 24 under the title, “John Blair Smith Todd, First Dakota Delegate to Congress”. In addition, to this article are the essays Obituary General John B.S. Todd and Personal Reminiscences.  The author for both of these essays is unknown.  Josephine Todd Moore, who was the youngest daughter of J.B.S. Todd, wrote “A Sketch”.  Included with this typescript is a condensed version of it that may have been the source for the Argus Leader article.

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