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Wall Drug

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Articles Concerning Wall Drug

“Ride a Bucking Bronco at the Wall Drug Store,” American Druggist, March 1948

“Mechanical Band Plays at Wall Drug Store Every Day,” Rapid City Journal, 14 June 1949

“Drug Store in S.D. Wins World Fame,” Minneapolis Sunday Tribune, 31 July 1949

“It’s All Done with Signs,” Modern Philosophy, July 1949

“Signs Bring Fame and Fortune to Drugstore in South Dakota,” The Milwaukee Journal Green Sheet, 10 August 1949

“Out in the Great Open Spaces,” The Red Barrel, January 1950

“Fortune from Ice Water,” 19 February 1950, The American Weekly

“A Fortune in Ice Water,” Redbook, August 1950

“A Fortune in Ice Water,” The Reader’s Digest, October 1950

“Halt the Roaring Column,” Sales News (?), November 1950

“Git Along, Little Dogie, Git Along,” Drug Topics, 29 January 1951

“500,000 Customers Can’t Be Wrong,” The Ice Cream Review, August 1951

“Salesmanship,” Coronet, October 1951

“1,000 Signs Bring 500,000 People Annually to Wall Drug Store,” Business Pix (?), November 1952

“‘Success Secrets,’” Davenport, Iowa, 1952 (?)

“The Wall Built on Free Ice Water,” American News Trade Journal, February 1953

“I Like It Here,” Minneapolis Tribune, 30 September 1953

No Title, The Huronite and the Daily Plainsman, 2 July 1954

“Wall Drug Store Owner Lauds Rural Electrification,” South Dakota High-Liner, November 1955

“20 Years of Progress,” R.E.A. Magazine, 1956

“Grew Rich Giving Away Water,” Reveille, 20 August 1959

“Sizzling Buffalo Burgers,” Newsweek, 29 January 1962

“The Wall Drug Store,” Town, August 1963

“What’s Happening to the Corner Drugstore,” Coronet, April 1964

“Where Ice Water Turned to Gold,” West River Reflector, August 1964

“Man-Made, Natural Wonders Vy in South Dakota Town,” Durant Oklahoma Daily Democrat, 29 October 1965

“A Million Dollars in Free Ice Water at Wall Drug Store,” The Daily Republic, 4 August 1966

“Million-Dollar Business from Glass of Ice Water,” Argus Leader, 7 August 1966

“Free Ice Water Still Available As Wall Drug Marks 30th Year,” Aberdeen American-News, 14 August 1966

“Glass of Water Started It,” Saginaw News, 14 August 1966

“Wall-to-Wall World Made Them a Mint,” Peoria Journal Star, 14 August 1966

“Free Ice Water Lures Tourists,” Milwaukee Journal, 15 August 1966

“The Battle for the Tourist,” Tulare Advance-Register, 23 August 1966

“A Million Dollars in Free Ice Water,” Wall Courant, 1 September 1966

“Promotion and Selling,” Drug News Weekly, 5 September 1966

“Owners of Unusual Drug Store Employ 125 College Students to Handle 3,000 Daily Customers During Tour Season,” South Bend Tribune’s Magazine, 11 September 1966

“Free Ice Water Offer Grew into Million-Dollar Tourist Business,” America Druggist, 12 September 1966 (?)

“The ‘Ice Water Store’ That Warms to People,” Women’s Wear Daily, 16 September 1966

“Free Ice Water Works Miracles,” Tacoma, Washington, 18 September 1966

“Only 1512 Miles to Wall Drug,” San Francisco Examiner, 12 February 1967

“Jess Ramblin,” The Bristol Press, 10 August 1967

“Free Ice Water Lures Tourists to Wall, S.D.” St. Paul Sunday Pioneer Press, 13 August 1967

“Three Light Bulbs and a Million Dollars of Free Ice Water,” Rural Electrification, May 1968

“Answers to Travel Questions,” Akron Beacon Journal, 21 July 1968

“Free Ice Water Ad Springs Business,” The Plain Dealer, 21 July 1968

“Want to Shop in a ‘Hick’ Store? Then Try Wall Drug,” The Ojai Valley News & Oaks Gazette, 14 August 1968

“Free Ice Water Prospers Drug Store & Community,” Catholic Rural Life, August 1968

“What Is a ‘Wall Drug’?” 2 August 1969

“Wall Drug,” Picture Magazine, 21 September 1969

“A Cup of Cold Water,” The Farmer, May 1970

“Hi, Neighbors,” Yankton Daily Press and Dakotan, 12 August 1970

“Footnotes,” Deerfield Independent, 13 August 1970

“Among Us Girls,” Unknown, 23 August 1970

“True Tales to Live By,” Fort Dodge Messenger and Chronicle, 8 September 1970

“Outlaws Live in Wood,” Rapid City Journal, 24 January 1971

“Have You Dug Wall Drug?” The New York Times, 31 January 1971

“Letters: Please Don’t Tar All Us Charter Folks with the Same Brush,” The New York Times, 7 March 1971

“Inside Wall Drug,” Telenews (Northwestern Bell?), August 1971

“Why Is Wall Famous,” Argus-Courier, 16 February 1972

“Petaluma – Wall, South Dakota,” Argus-Courier, 23 February 1972

“Peter Citron: A Gold Nugget in Frozen Badlands,” Omaha World Herald, 15 May 1972

“Wall Drug Profits Hit Ceiling,” Souvenirs & Novelties, October 1972

“Wall, S.D., Has Population of Only 800, But It’s Drugstore Draws 10,000 a Day,” Wall Street Journal, 5 September 1973

“The Big Business of Little Wall,” Newsday, 17 September 1973

“Husteads Run (and Support) S.D. Town,” The Denver Post, 23 September 1973

“Drugstore Is Company in Tiny Town,” The Arizona Republic, 4 October 1973

“Wall, S.D. Has Population of only 800: But Its Drugstore Draws 10,000 A Day,” MSD Frontline, September/October 1973

“A Little of the US,” Afcent-Mirror, 9 November 1973

“Town Has Only 800 People, But Its Drugstore Has 10,000 Customers a Day,” National Inquirer, 11 November 1973

“A Town Built on Free Water,” Boston Sunday Globe, 13 January 1974

“Wall Drug is EOW Winner,” South Dakota Legion News, April 1974

“Oasis Built on Free Ice Water,” Los Angeles Times, 12 May 1974

“Places,” Playboy, May 1974

“Free Ice Water Did the Trick: World Now Comes to Wall Drug,” Freeport Journal-Standard, 27-28 July 1974

“Wall Drug Store,” The Daily Press New Dominion, 19 January 1975

“Drugstore That Sells Yesterday,” Modern Maturity, April-May 1975

No Title, The Comstock News, 26 June 1975

“Ice Water Still Free at Wall Drug!” The Scroll of Phi Delta Theta, Summer 1975

“Iced Water Built a Business,” Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 21 September 1975

“Stone in the Wall,” Waterloo Courier, 14 September 1975

“Dakota Drugstore Is Big Attraction,” The Seattle Times, 21 September 1975

“Wall (S.D.) Drug Surprising End to Billboard Monotony,” Lincoln Journal Star (?), 21 September 1975

“Weary Wanderers Wall-Eyed over Wall Drug,” Denver Post, 21 September 1975

“Weary Wanderers Wall-Eyed over Wall Drug,” Roundup, 28 September 1975

“New Challenge for Wall Drug,” Des Moines Tribune, 3 October 1975

“The Signs May Fall, But Can You Knock Down Wall?” Harrisburg Patriot-Herald, 12 October 1975

“Wall-Eyed in Wall,” The Miami News, 14 October 1975

“Thirsty, Curious Drivers Stop at Wall, S.D.” Omaha World Herald, October 1975

“Sure Beats Ice Water,” Ellsworth Air Force Base, 8 January 1976

“The Great Wall of Dakota Snares Interstate Travelers,” Detroit Free Press, 11 January 1976

“Signs of Change for Wall,” The Boston Globe, 1 February 1976

“Tourism not Hustead’s Original Goal, But . . .” Rapid City Journal, 21 February 1976

“Achievers at Wall Receive Recognition,” Rapid City Journal, 9 March 1976

“Fire Threatened Wall Drug Store” and “Robbery,” Pennington County Courant, 20 May 1976

“Up against Wall Drug,” San Francisco Sunday Examiner & Chronicle, 6 June 1976

“Bobservations,” Pennington County Courant, 10 June 1976

“500 Miles and Many Signs Later, Traveler Enters Wall Drug Store,” Grand Rapids Press, 15 August 1976

“Wall Drug Still Gets on Tourists for Icewater,” Wall Drug Still Get on Tourists for Icewater, 24 August 1976

“Against the Wall in South Dakota,” Pennington County Courant, 26 August 1976

“Wall Drug Store Got a Bum Rap, Its Owner Says,” Keene Sentinel, 8 September 1976

“Can You Build a One-Block Store on a Foundation of Ice Water?” Freeman Courier, 15 September 1976

“Wall Drug: A Store Built on Ice Water,” Argus Leader, 12 October 1976

“Wall Drug Founded on City Block, Ice Water,” Aberdeen America-News, 8 December 1976

“Can You Found a Store on a Foundation of Ice Water,” Great Lakes of the Dakota Tabloid, December 1976

“Wall Drug Store Got Started in 1931,” Argus Leader, 19 May 1977

“Going Places, Seeing Things” Lancaster Sunday Newspaper, 14 August 1977

“Wall Drug Serving Yogi Malt,” The Nordica Viking, Summer 1977

“Driving . . . One Up against the Wall . . . Drug,” The Sunday Olympian, 25 September 1977

“Free H2O Prompts Success,” SDSU Collegian, 16 November 1977

“Advertising Plus Friendly Service Pay Off for Small Town Druggist,” Grit, No Date

“Bill Ladd’s Almanac,” Courier-Journal, No Date

“Can You Build A One-Block Store on a Foundation of Ice Water?” Wakonda Times, No Date

“Chicag [sic] Paper Tells of Wall Drug Store,” Canova Herald, No Date

“Dakota Drugstore is Big Attraction,” Unknown, No Date

“Englishman Vows He Will Return to Badlands Again,” Rapid City Journal (?), No Date

“A Fortune in Ice Water,” Unknown, No Date

“Free Glasses of Ice Water Attract Thousands to Store,” Unknown, No Date

“Free Ice Water Builds Million Dollar Business,” Better Buildings Magazine, No Date

“Free Ice Water Builds Million Dollar Business,” Unknown, No Date

“Free Ice Water Offer Grows into Major Attraction,” Mitchell Republic, No Date

“Hang Yore Hat Up, Podner! You’re in Wall, S. Dakota,” Unknown, No Date

“Ice Water Is Big Seller in S. Dakota,” Grand Rapids Press, No Date

“No Wall around Wall, S.D.” Unknown, No Date

“Return Trip to South Dakota, and Wall Drug,” Telegraph Herald, No Date

“Signs of Prosperity,” Unknown, No Date

“Wall Drug Makes for an Interesting Summer,” Unknown, No Date

“Wall Drug: A Million-Dollar Mom & Pop Store,” Unknown, No Date

“Wall Drug Store in 30 Years Becomes Million-Dollar Business,” Huron, No Date

“Wall Drug Store Offers Free Ice,” Sisseton Courier, No Date

“The Wall Drug Store—Thata Way,” The Cornell Innkeeper (Cornell University), No Date

“World’s Best Known Drug Store Is Product of Graduate of N.U.” Unknown, No Date

No Title, Chamberlain Register, No Date

Articles with Mention of Wall Drug

“Hucksters of the Hills,” Omaha World-Herald Magazine, 10 September 1950

“Wall,” Good Housekeeping, January 1951

“Where the West Is Wild, But Not Too Woolly,” Better Homes & Gardens, July 1951

“Fabulous Soda Fountains,” Cosmopolitan, December 1951

“Our Trip Out West,” The Cuba City News-Herald, 10 July 1952

“Route Ramblings,” Ringstead Dispatch, 15 July 1954

“You Can’t Find a Deer for Gas Stations and Souvenir Stands in Southern Hills,” Rapid City Journal, 10 September 1954

“Wall Residents Keep One Eye on Highway, the Other on Ted Hustead,” Rapid City Journal, 15 April 1956

“Wall Residents Keep One Eye on Highway, the Other on Ted Hustead,” Argus Leader, 22 April 1956

“‘High Noon’ Top Movie Choice,” Unknown, 25 February 1958

“Christmas Celebrated at the Franklin ‘Old Place,’” Bullock (?) County Herald, 1962

“Spur of the Moment,” Rapid City Journal, 29 August 1963

“For More or Less,” Wisconsin Dells Area Guide, April 1964

“What’s Happening to the Corner Drugstore?” Unknown, April 1964

“The Sights of South Dakota,” The Denver Post, 14 June 1964

“Reporting at Large,” Minneapolis Tribune, 17 January 1965

“The World,” The Villisca Review, 12 August 1965

“Along the Way,” The Glen Ridge Paper, 19 August 1965

“Moon Was No Help in Cedar Pass,” Champaign-Urbana Courier, 5 August 1966

“Miles of Nation Seen, Heard, Felt,” Christian Science Monitor, 19August 1966

“Iowan Answers Editorial,” Argus Leader, 8 September 1966

“Vacation Oddities of the Midwest,” Tulare Advance-Register, 1 October 1966

“Roving South Dakota Black Hills,” The Sioux City Sunday Journal, 16 July 1967

“Jess Ramblin,” Bristol Press, July 1967

“There’s More than Gold in the Black Hills,” Mobile Life, January 1969

“The Black Hills,” The Minneapolis Star Tribune, 17 June 1969

“Travel Writer Says Publicize Cowboys, Indians,” Rapid City Journal, 19 June 1969

“Fire Auxiliary Monthly Benefit Dinner Is Today,” The Markham Tribune, 24 August 1969

“300 Drugstores on Trip; Stopped at 299,” Grand Island Independent, 15 November 1969

“Nickel Coffee Bastions Holding,” Rapid City Journal, 3 March 1970

“Five-Cent Coffee Prevails at Two Black Hills Sites,” The Forum, 5 March 1970

“Camping Camera,” Better Camping, April 1970

“Faces and Places,” Tacoma, 6 July 1970

“Giant Heads Face South Dakota’s Badlands,” 12 September 1970, The Telegram, 12 September 1970

“Battling the Badlands,” Omaha World Herald, 17 April 1971 (?)

“Lindner Looks at Sports,” Rapid City Journal, 30 August 1972

“The Uncrowded Badlands,” The Motorist, July/August 1972

“The Black Hills: Not Exactly Hills nor Black,” The Blade, 4 February 1973

“South Dakota Badlands No Longer So Formidable,” The Morning News, 26 September 1973

“Dakota Badlands Impressive,” The Daily Press New Dominion, 4 November 1973

“The Big Car: End of the Affair,” Time, 31 December 1973

No Title, Rapid City Journal, 19 March1974

“Black Hills and Badlands,” Chicago Tribune, 28 April 1974

“Black Hills Bonanza,” Houston Town & Country, March/April 1974

“Mt. Rushmore Selected Most Popular in Straw Ballot,” Watertown Public Opinion, 10 June 1974

“Badlands Offers ‘Visit to Moon,’” The Milwaukee Journal, 14 July 1974

“Buffalo in the Supermarket,” Unknown, May 1974

“The Classic West,” Discovery, Summer 1974

“Nature Carved Prairie into Stark S. Dakota Badlands,” Des Moines Register, 4 May 1975

“Auto Trips That Feature Excitement for Youngsters,” The Christian Science Monitor, 24 June 1975

“Larson on the Hill,” Pierre Times, 28 June 1975

“The Voices of South Dakota,” Travel, July 1975

“Yellowstone Panorama,” Forlow Tours Storybook of Tours, 1975

“SDSU Salute Hails Bicentennial,” Daily Republic, 12 February 1976

“Blue Valley DanDeLines,” The Hoven Review, 22 July 1976

“5,000 Miles of Beauty,” The Cincinnati Post, 1 September 1976

“Lundstroms Premier Special in ‘Dakota Country,’” Daily Republic, 11 September 1976

“The Lundstroms Moving thru Dakota Country,” The Lundstroms Message for America, December 1976/January 1977

“Let 38 Geniuses Help You Find That ‘One Big Idea,’” The Wall Street Journal,” 29 March 1977

“Eat without a Big Bite on the Wallet,” Chicago Daily News, 16-17 July 1977

“Flashbacks,” Pittsburg Press, No Date

“Good Days in Dakota’s Badlands,” Unknown, No Date

“Hillsway,” Unknown, No Date

“Mount Washington Winter: Heavy Going,” Mt. Washington Valley Signal, No Date

“Retired Iowan’s Journey to Top of World,” Unknown, No Date

“They Didn’t Forget,” Billings Gazette, No Date

“This ’N That,” Unknown, No Date

“Thru the Hills,” Unknown, No Date

“Wall Drug, Crazy Horse Publicized,” Unknown, No Date

“Wall People Thanked by Information Staff,” Unknown, No Date

“The Wild Horse’s Race against Extinction,” Unknown, No Date

Articles from Foreign Periodicals Concerning Wall Drug

“Unusual Advertising on Tube,” London Telegraph, 15 April 1962

“Enterprising Advertising,” Underground: The London Underground Railway Society, October 1962

“Housewife’s Idea Made Them Rich,” Liverpool Daily Post, 30 July 1963

“A Letter from the Badlands,” London Daily Telegraph and Morning Post, 12 September 1963

“They Found a Fortune in Iced Water,” Waterway’s Magazine, May 1964

“It Pays to Advertise . . . Long Distance,” London Daily Express, 5 December 1964

“It Pays to Advertise,” The American, 11 August 1967

“De Tjente Seg Rike på Vann,” Motor, December (?) 1967

“Anyone for South Dakota?,” Australian Post, 1967

“Ireland for Cooling-Off,” Irish Independent, 16 October 1970

“Hosting the Hostesses,” Haven, May 1972

“Eventyret Begynte med Reklame for Gratis Isvann,” Adresseavisen, 12 July 1975

“Gratis Logies in Amsterdam” Het Parool, 25 August 1975

“The Lure and Fascination of Seven Fabulous Stores, America Illustrated, No Date

“Wall Advertising Pays,” Auckland Star, March 18

Articles by Norman Vincent Peale

“Don’t Let Defeatism Smother Creativity,” Indianapolis Star, 1 October 1966

“Releasing Creative Powers,” Citizen-News, 3 October 1966

“Everyone Should Develop His Genius,” Chicago Tribune, 8 October 1966

“Creative Power Must Be Freed,” Sunday Star, 9 October 1966

“Release Your Creative Powers,” Globe Democrat, 9 October 1966

“All Are Given Genius, But Few of Us Use It,” Chicago Tribune, October 1966

“Use Your Mind,” Lincoln Journal Star, 1966

“Problems, He Says, Are Really Blessings in Disguise,” Palm Beach Post, 28 April 1972

“Turn Your Problems into Ideas and Think Your Way to Success,” National Enquirer, 18 August 1974

“Why Positive Thinkers Get Positive Results,” Guideposts Magazine, 1974

“Rocky Mountain Reps Meet with Dr. Norman Vincent Peale,” Unknown, 1975

“A Thanksgiving Message from Norman Vincent Peale,” Guideposts, November 1976

“Free Ice Water” from Peale’s You Can If You Think You Can

“Every Problem Contains Its Own Solution,” Foundation for Christian Living, Vol. 21 No. 14

“Think New for the New Year,” Foundation for Christian Living, Vol. 23 No. 10 (Part III)

Articles Concerning Wall Drug Signs in the United States

“Signs in Seven States Are used to Promote Small Drug Store in Tiny South Dakota Town,” Advertising, 14 July 1952

“Ted Believes in Signs,” The Advocate-Leader. 21 May 1953

“Don’t Overlook the Highway Trade,” Pathfinder, June1953

“Road Sign Language: Fools 200,000 Every Summer . . . And They Like It,” July 1956

“To the Bushwhackers the Spoils,” Tulare Advance-Register, 15 September 1964

“Viroqua after Tourists,” Boscobel, Wisconsin, 19 March 1965

“It’s 1,390 Miles to the Wall Drug Store,” The San Bernardino Sun, 28 June 1968

“Twin Cities Have New Way to Reckon Mileage,” Rapid City Journal, 12 April 1970 (?)

“Only 1,390 Miles to Famed Wall Drug Store—Give or Take a Mile,” Evening Telegram, 23 July 1971

Untitled, The Press Democrat, 13 March 1972

“Petaluma – World’s Championship,” Pennington County Courant, 14 September 1972

“A Return to the Native,” St. Paul Dispatch, 28 November 1972 (?)

“Minding the Store,” Inside Footwear, 25 July 1975

“How Many Miles to Wall Drug Store?” Woodall’s Trailer Travel, November 1975

“Can Graffiti Be an Intellectual Pursuit?” The Harvard Crimson, 20 March 1976

“No Sign,” Unknown, No Date

“New Dominion Side Views, The Daily Press New Dominion, No Date

“934 Miles to Wall Drug,” Unknown, No Date

Articles Concerning Wall Drug Signs outside the United States

Unknown, Time, 20 August 1951.

“I Like It Here,” Minneapolis Tribune, 17 September 1953

Untitled, Rapid Journal, 20 July 1955 (?)

“South Dakota Drugstore Owner Becoming Familiar Character to London Subway Corps,” Overseas Traveler (?), 28 April 1962

“Advertising Pays,” Northfield News, 4 June 1964

“Dakota Druggist Plays Role in Int’l Ads via Car Cards in London Underground,” Advertising Age, 28 December 1964

“Wall Drug Advertised in London,” Aberdeen American-News, 3 January 1965

“South Dakota Advertised Around the World,” Rapid City Journal, 1 May 1965

“BBC Calls Wall for Low-Down on Store Signs,” Rapid City Journal, 1966

Untitled, MMC (Mount Marty College) Newsletter, February 1967

Untitled, Lead Daily Call/Deadwood Pioneer Times, 7 August 1968

“Enriching Experience for Retiree,” Rapid City Journal, 10 August 1968

“McGovern Talk Turns to Plugs for Drug Stores,” Rapid City Journal, 14 September 1968

“West Texan Take Drought on Tour,” Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 16 August 1972

“Suspense—South Dakota Style,” Unknown, 22 August 1972

“Airline Director Explains Wall Sign in Amsterdam, Rapid City Journal, 14 September 1972

“Magazine Explains Wall Drug Signs to Curious Europeans in Amsterdam,” The Pioneer Review, 21 September 1972

“More than Hippies,” Miami Herald, 25 October 1972

Untitled, Volante Summer News. 17 July 1973

Unknown, Senior Scholastic Magazine, 4 October 1973

“I’d Go There, Wooden Shoe?” Minneapolis Tribune, 2 October 1977

“Hospital in Germany Plugs Wall Drug,” Argus Leader, No Date

“I Read . . . I Heard . . .I Saw,” Unknown, No Date

“Tet Damaged Sign,” Unknown, No Date

Articles Concerning the Highway Beautification Act of 1965 with Mention of Wall Drug

“Gripes and Yipes on Billboard Law,” Pacific Stars and Stripes, 19 January 1968

“Beautiful Highways? Yes, But . . .” Minneapolis Tribune, 21 January 1968

“Beauty and Billboard Beast Run Bumper-to-Bumper Race,” Argus Leader, 21 January 1968

“‘Beauty and Billboard Beast’ Still,” El Paso Times, 21 January 1968

“Beauty and the Billboards,” Akron Beacon Journal, 21 January 1968

“Billboard Battle Goes On; Here’s a Look at Both Sides,” Santa Barbara News-Press, 21 January 1968

“The Billboard Battle Rages,” Oakland Sunday Tribune, 21 January 1968

“‘Lady Bird Bill’ Invites Detours,” Arizona Daily Star, 21 January 1968

“The Great Billboard Battle,” Stars and Stripes, 25 January 1968

“Great Billboard Battle Is ‘Can of Worms,’” Rapid City Journal, 28 January 1968

“For Proof Ask Ted Hustead,” The Gate City Guide, 4 July 1968

“Can Wall Drug Survive without Its Far-flung Signs?” Chicago Daily News, 6-7 September 1975

“Wall Drug Owner Hopes Legislators Will Listen,” Rapid City Journal, 18 September 1976

“Billboard Regulations Seen as Threat to Tourist Attractions,” Argus Leader, 8 August 1977

“Owners of Places like Wall Drug Say Sign Regulations Would Put Them out of Business,” Marshall Independent, 9 August 1977

“Ban on Roadside Ads an Unsound Proposal,” Argus Leader, 11 August 1977

“Wall Says Don’t Fence Me In,” San Jose News, 13 August 1977

“U.S. Rules Endanger Famous Wall Drug Signs in S. Dakota,” Chicago Daily News, 15 August 1977

“Wall Drug’s Signs, among Other in S.D., Draw Federal Criticism,” Minneapolis Tribune, 15 August 1977

“Dakotans Fight for Touristy Signs,” The Seattle Times, 17 August 1977

“Government Threatens Wall Drug’s Billboards,” Des Moines Sunday Register, 25 September 1977

“Wall Faces a Crisis-Hustead Warns,” Pennington County Courant, 10 November 1977

“Wall Drug: Caught in a Controversy,” Northliner, November/December 1977

“Wall Drug Owners Hope Hot Air Balloon Remains in ‘Mothballs,’” Rapid City Journal, 28 February 1978

“Beauty, Billboards and Business . . .” Unknown, No Date

Articles Concerning Highway Beautification Act of 1965

Untitled, Motor News, June 1964

“Debated in Congress (?)” The El Paso Times, 21 January 1968

“State Awaits Billboard Impact,” Rapid City Journal, 18 September 1976

“State Highway Funds Ordered Put in Reserve,” Rapid City Journal, 16 July 1977

“Highway Trust Funds Threatened, Then Restored,” Rapid City Journal, 19 July 1977

“Decker Says Loss of Funds Could Be Serious,” Rapid City Journal, 20 July 1977

“Decker Reveals Recommendations for Road Delays,” 23 July 1977

“Highway Crisis,” Rapid City Journal, 26 July 1977

“Billboard Cut, Inflation May Halt Road Projects,” Rapid City Journal, 27 July1977

“Rep. Hogen to Introduce Billboard Bill,” Rapid City Journal, 27 July 1977

“Withheld Highway Funds Threaten Fourteen Cities,” Rapid City Journal, 28 July 1977

“State Tourist Industry Too Important to Cripple,” Rapid City Journal, 8 August 1977

“Artist-Adman Prof Is Teaching Effective Billboard Advertising,” Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan, 10 August 1977

“Tourism Threatened,” Rapid City Journal, 10 August 1977

“Says Highway Lobby Always Wins,” Argus Leader, 20 August 1977

“Not Applauding,” Unknown, No Date

“Remove Billboards,” Unknown, No Date

“Wall Shows the Way,” Brookings Register, No Date

Articles Concerning Student Employees at Wall Drug

“Students Find Work, Money in S.D. Recreation Areas,” Argus Leader, 11 August 1963

“Working at Concessions Interesting, Profitable,” Unknown, No Date

Articles Concerning the Vanishing Trails Tour

“Vanishing Trails Expedition to Be in S.D. Sept. 26,” The Bismark Tribune, 1 September 1965

“The Vanishing Trails Expedition,” Trailer Travel, September 1966

“286 Cars Join Annual Vanishing Trails Trek,” Rapid City Journal, 29 September 1969

“1,100 Relive History on Trail Trek,” Rapid City Journal, 29 September 1969

“Wall to Sponsor 16th Annual Vanishing Trails Expedition,” Lake Andes Wave, September 1975 (?)

Articles Concerning the Wall Drug Dinosaur

“Dino on the Move,” Rapid City Journal, 18 January 1968

“Dinosaur Has Short, Slow Trip,” Aberdeen American-News, 21 January 1968

“Dinosaur on the Move,” The Stabilizer, April/May/June 1968

“South Dakota Dinosaur ‘Steps to the Rear,’” Capper’s Weekly, 3 September 1968

“Dinosaur Moves Over to Make Way for I-90,” Madison Daily Leader, 21 May 1969

“Dinosaur Roams Again,” Argus Leader, No Date

“Dinosaur Roams Again—100Yards,” Unknown, No Date

“Wall ‘Dino’ Makes Short Trip Again This Year,” Unknown, No Date

Cartoons about Wall Drug

From The Dakota Farmer, 1 April 1967

From Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan, 14 July 1969

From Daily News, 5 December 1969

From Minneapolis Tribune, No Date

Articles Concerning the Hustead Family

“Man of the Year Event,” Rapid City Journal (?), 14 June 1945

“5,000 Glasses Per Day . . .” Guideposts, July 1951

“Good Morning,” The Daily Huronite, 8 August 1954

“Governor Goes Deer Hunting,” Rapid City Journal, 15 November 1959

“Wall Girl Graduates at Marquette University,” Pennington County Courant, 1 June 1961

“Ted Hustead to Head BH&BLA,” Rapid City Journal, 4 October 1961

“Hustead Honored,” Canova Herald, 5 May 1965

Untitled, South Dakota Pharmacy Newsletter, 11 May 1965

“See Anyone You Know Among These Pharmacists?” Time, 8 October 1965

“Mundt, Boe Praise Prairie Village,” Madison Daily Leader, 6 June 1966

“Travel Group Honors Dr. Mills,” Rapid City Journal, 30 September 1966

“Wall Man on ‘To Tell the Truth,’” Rapid City Journal, 28 February 1971

“‘Case of the Missing Car Makes for Long Mexican Trip,” Rapid City Journal, 16 January 1974

“Hustead Honored for Service to Community, Church, State,” Rapid City Journal, 16 May 1974

“South Dakota University Honored Ex-Auroran,” Aurora News-Register, July 1974

“Loyal Alumni,” The Scroll of Phi Delta Theta, Fall/Winter 1974-75

“A Tribute,” Pennington County Courant, 27 February 1975

“Wall Drug Proprietor Recognized,” Aberdeen American-News, 6 August 1975

“Husteads Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary,” Pennington County Courant, 6 May 1976

“Engagement,” Pennington County Courant, 20 May 1976

“An Apology,” Black Hills Press, No Date

“Good Year for BHB&LA,” Unknown, No Date

“Home Town Tales,” Unknown, No Date

“Hustead Anniversary Relatives Present,” Unknown, No Date

“Hustead Local Head Crusade of Freedom,” Unknown, No Date

“Husteads Honored at Wall Dinner Saturday Evening,” Unknown, No Date

“Impressed with Butler,” Unknown, No Date

“New Legislator,” Unknown, No Date

“No Damages Awarded in $50,000 Action, Unknown, No Date

“T.E. Hustead Presents Plaque,” Pennington County Courant, No Date

Untitled, South Dakota Alumni Quarterly, No Date

Articles Concerning the Black Hills-Badlands Region

“South Dakota’s Badlands,” Nature Magazine, August/September 1941

“Much to See in Black Hills,” Omaha World-Herald, 18 July 1954

“Magic Mountains of the West,” Today’s Health, August 1964

“They Never Heard of Wall, S.D.,” Argus Leader, 25 November 1966

“Winter Calms Buffaloes in Black Hills,” Chicago Tribune, 21 January 1968

“Badlands Welcome Millionth Visitor,” Rapid City Journal, 20 August 1970

“Not Really Badlands,” Irish Independent, 1 September 1970

“Wild West is Still Alive in the Black Hills,” The Cincinnati Enquirer, 23 September 1973

“Deadwood Keeps Its History Alive,” Evening Journal, 25 September 1973

“The Beautiful Black Hills,” Sunday Herald Advertiser, 30 September 1973

“Prairie Homestead,” Sunday Ledger-Enquirer Magazine, 30 September 1973

“Deadwood in Restoration Effort,” Long Beach, September 1973

“Buzzing Rushmore Is a Thrilling Sight,” The Morning News, 3 October 1973

“Here’s How They Eat Where Buffalo Roam,” Evening Journal, 3 October 1973

“Sculptors Becoming Legends of the Black Hills,” The Cincinnati Enquirer, 7 October 1973

“Wounded Knee, The Problem Still Exists,” The Long Island Catholic, 11 October 1973

“Crazy Horse—Memorial or Myth?” The Detroit News, 14 October 1973

“It’s the Little Things You’ll Remember,” Herald Advertiser, 14 October 1973

“An Easterner Find the Good Life out West,” Chicago Tribune, 21 October 1973

“Headwinds, Hospitality and Bears,” The Sunday Republican Magazine, 21 October 1973

“Where Steaks Are Still on the Hoof,” The Detroit News, 21 October 1973

“People Friend in Dakota Capital,” The Daily Press New Dominion, 23 (?) October 1973

“Enjoyed Visit in Black Hills,” Lead-Deadwood Pioneer Times, 27 October 1973 (?)

“Dividends Appear from Travel Writers’ Visit,” Rapid City Journal, 31 October 1973

“Rushmore Awes Tourists with Breathtaking Sight,” The Long Island Catholic, 1 November 1973

“Travel Writers Give Hills Praise,” Rapid City Journal, 1 November 1973

“Deadwood Lives,” The Daily Press New Dominion, 4 November 1973

“One of the Greatest Little Shows on Earth,” The Long Island Catholic, 8 November 1973

“Black Hills Resemble Park,” The Daily Press New Dominion, 11 November 1973

“Sitting on Top of Gold,” Washington Star-News, 18 November 1973

“South Dakota’s Surprising Lake District,” MidWest Outdoors, November 1973

“Deadwood Gulch: The Real West,” Los Angeles Times, 2 December 1973

“Schussing the Slopes from South Dakota to Wisconsin,” MidWest Outdoors, December 1973

“Deadwood Rekindles Its Past,” Chicago Tribune, 28 April 1974

“Journey to a Sacred Land,” Woodall’s Trailer Traveler, March 1976

“Rodeo Artist Remembers His Past in Paintings,” Black Hills Press, 22 May 1976

“Dakota Black Hills Teem with History, Wild Beauty,” Milwaukee Sentinel, Unknown

“Deadwood: Noisy Fun with a Yearning for Culture,” The National Observer, Unknown

“South Dakota’s Black Hills: A Lively Tourist Attraction,” The Publick Observer, Unknown

Articles on Dana Jennings

“Dana Jennings—See How He Runs, Working on S.D. Ice Water Man,” The Great Lakes of the Dakotas Tabloid (?), 12 May 1969

“Dana Jennings Begins His 4th Book on South Dakota,” Yankton Press and Dakotan, 21 April 1969

“Madison’s Fire Whistle Linked Writer to S.D.” Madison Daily Leader, 22 April 1969

“Inspirational Reading,” Sturgis Tribune and Black Hills Press, August 1969

“Wall Drug—‘Free Ice Water!’” Petaluma, No Date




From Makens, Jim

16 January 1975

From Cooke, Muriel K.

9 September 1976

From Cunningham, Pat

10 September 1976

From Kernozicky, Joe


From Sullivan, Roy



To Barndollar, Frank

1 September 1976


Hustead European Vacation (Summer 1958)

Brussels, Belgium

Cologne, Germany

Heidelberg, Germany

Basel, Switzerland

Harkingen, Switzerland

Lucerne, Switzerland

Florence Italy

La Harve, France



Congressional Records

Congressional Record—Appendix, “Wall Drug Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Tourism Ingenuity,”16 August 1966

Congressional Record—Senate, “South Dakota’s Wall Drug,” 11 September 1973

Congressional Record—Extension of Remarks, “Inflation—A 5-Cent Cup of Coffee—And Welcome to South Dakota” 21 July 1975



Wall Drug Bumper Stickers



Teaching Notes on Wall Drug by James D. Taylor, Robert L.

Johnson, and Gene B. Iverson, ca. 1974

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